2 straight guys wanking each other – Luke seems to like it

SITE REVIEWThis is pretty hot! Remember when Joel Jenkins arrived on the English Lads site? He was pretty certain that he wasn’t gonna do anything with other guys, even wanking another guys cock was not something he was planning to try. Then things changed, he got his cock stroked for him, rubbed another dick… now he’s introducing other straight guys to the world of mutual wanking! 🙂

Luke is the new lad getting his cock out with Joel and having some fun, rubbing dicks for the first time and seemingly having a whole lot of fun in the process.

It’s even more interesting that it wasn’t supposed to be Joel wanking the guy off. Luke apparently turned up too early so the guy who was supposed to be wanking him off wasn’t there, and Joel offered. Yeah, he volunteered to be the guy stroking him. I guess Joel isn’t so reluctant about sharing his dick with other dudes these days.

I have to admit that I think Joel is pretty great, he’s on my list of their guys I really wouldn’t mind stroking cock with, if you haven’t seen him in action then I definitely recommend it.

Straight guys wanking each other Jack Windsor and Joel JenkinsRelated: Straight guys wanking each other and loving it

Joel Jenkins and Jack Windsor share their uncut dicks in a straight guy mutual wanking video. It’s a first time experience for Joel, but the boys seem to be having a whole lot of fun sliding their foreskins back and forth and making each other squirt their loads!

With a little massaging the action soon moves on to the cock stroking, with Joel grabbing that dick and rubbing his new friend, and getting the same back from Luke in a surprise move.

We get to see these straight guys wanking each other in a gallery for the time being, but the video is on the way. I’m looking forward to that. Check out some of the pics and click through for more. And you really should go and take a look at the other wank and suck videos straight lad Joel has been in so far too.

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