These 4 guys shoot so much cum together in a cum shot contest!

When I first got on-line and started enjoying porn the Sean Cody site (Just so you know, you can sign up there for £1/$1 for 1 day access) was one of the first sites I ever joined, and it was because of the guys and the videos they were putting out there, videos like this cum shot contest with four horny straight guys wanking their dicks and splashing out their cum loads for each other to see.

They did a few of these back in the day, but then you probably know that if you’ve ever been a member there. They moved on to a lot more than solo wanking videos and group cock stroking sessions like this, with their straight guys wanking and sucking each other, and then obviously fucking too. But, even if you’re not into the more hardcore things they get up to there’s a lot of wanking action like this from back in the day (and of course they still get a lot of new guys beating their meat in their debut videos).

This one stars (from left to right) Dylan, Todd, Henry and Steve, four horny straight guys with a lot of jizz in their cocks and a need to earn some money and squirt those loads out. They’re competing to see who can squirt their load the furthest in this cum shot contest, a game I know a lot of you guys have played with your mates over the years!

Check out the furious cock stroking and the massive mess of cum these 4 straight guys make stroking their cocks with each other, and make sure you click through to check out some of the other videos they made with some of the hottest straight guys back then too.

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They had quite a few great group wanking and cum shot contest videos on the site over the years. Before they went into full-on bareback gay porn they had some awesome sessions of straight guys shooting off their cum loads together.

You know, I often look back on videos like this and wonder where those guys are now and what they’re getting up to. I can almost guarantee that wherever these guys are they’ve been sharing plenty of wanks with their buddies over the years – once that barrier comes down guys get really into shooting their loads with other dudes! lol

4 straight guys cum shot contest video seancody

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