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A muscle man cum load from sweaty Joshua Armstrong!

If you love the sight of a horny man really enjoying his cock (and we all do) you are gonna love watching this new video from Joshua Armstrong.

He’s making a special package for a fan, a sweaty and stinky delivery drenched in sweat and hot fresh cum.

I’ve never enjoyed anything like this for myself, but I do know that whenever I walk into a locker room and smell all that sweat, cum and testosterone my dick instantly gets hard and I need to stroke one out. There’s something about that smell that just does it for me, so I can kind of understand why a fan would want to have that in a bag from Joshua.

He’s been working out hard at the gym and getting his t-shirt and boxers damp with his musky scent, now he’s making a special video and adding to the fun, stripping down and showing off, mopping up his sweat and wanking his throbbing dick until he’s ready to pump his fresh cream out over his boxers.

He really gets the most out of it for his customer too, wiping up the sweat from his pits, rubbing his t-shirt all over his cock and balls, gathering up that funky dampness from his taint…

Whoever it is getting that delivery is gonna be really enjoying it, breathing in the smell of his big guy and rubbing out their own loads. Of course, it would be better to be there with him, rubbing that dick for him, making his boner splash that muscle man cum out…

Check out the trailer and click through to visit his site, there are loads of great wanking videos there, it’s definitely worth signing up to watch them.




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One thought on “A muscle man cum load from sweaty Joshua Armstrong!

  • December 1, 2016 at 6:24 am

    Joshua could do anything he wants to me and I wouldn’t mind at all!


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