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About BuddyBate

BuddyBate began as the “B8M8Network” in 2008, using an open-source community system much like a social media platform or dating site. Recognizing an audience of open-minded gay, bisexual, straight and simply curious men around the world, the site was created to be a hub or a community site for interested men to share their enjoyment and experience of masturbation, and perhaps their appreciation of enjoying it with other men.

Unfortunately, with limited resources and a growing audience, we soon outgrew the server and the site gradually became unusable.

In 2010, with a community of like-minded masturbation fans eager to see the site continue to grow, we moved to a new hosting account under the BuddyBate brand and created a forum and a blog.

Although the forum was a useful place for active members to communicate and discuss all aspects of male masturbation, the resources the forum was using in contrast to the benefits made it unsustainable too. We were simply not making enough money to cover the costs of maintaining it, managing members, offering assistance and encouraging discussion.

In the summer of 2018 the forum side of the site was closed and we began to focus on the blog itself, using that as a hub of information and entertainment.

Since then we’ve seen exponential growth, with thousands of new arrivals eager to explore masturbation and learn new tips and tricks. Our fiction posts have gained widespread appreciation and attention, with new arrivals eager to read more and joining our newsletter.

Currently (September 2018) we’re about to launch our first merchandise project, offering visitors a special BuddyBate button/badge allowing them to discreetly show their interest to other badge holders in their town or city. Initially planned for a limited run in London UK, the interest in this project has been much larger than expected and we’re planning to ship buttons all around the world.

With a growing archive of bate fiction, experiences submitted by readers, useful information on products and techniques, with a backlog of more than fifty stories to last us another year ready to be published, a Big Book Of Bate Tales in the planning and more merch potentially on the way, we expect great things for the years ahead.

As an avid masturbator, we hope you’ll join us.

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