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Another amazing bodybuilder cum load from Joshua

It’s no secret that I fucking love watching Joshua Armstrong enjoying his own cock in his videos. I’m always going there to rub one out to his videos. I’ve managed to get a couple of my wank mates into watching him too and the stroke session I had with a buddy watching Joshua last week had us both squirting off gigantic cum loads by the end of it.

This one should do it for you if you get off on bodybuilder cum loads and sticky mess.

He’s in the mood for some teasing and muscle worship in this one, playing out a fantasy and making us all feel like we’re there to explore his sweaty body. But you know it’s mostly about that rock hard, throbbing, wet, muscle cock.

Finally get takes off his jockstrap and we get a great performance as he strokes his solid pink length, slippery and hot, precum oozing from his helmet as he gets us all thinking about what it would be like to be there and jerking him off, licking his dick, making him shoot off his hot muscle man juice.

The ending to this one is fucking horny too, pumping his cum out into his jockstrap and making it wet and gooey with his cream…

I know I’ve said this before, but whenever I watch this guy enjoying his own dick and squirting out his bodybuilder cum loads I think about what it would be like to kick back one night and spend an hour or two stroking dick with him. I’m pretty sure he’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t mind enjoying a good long wank with a buddy.

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