A big cum load with muscled lad Justin McGregor

Site reviewI know I’m not the only one hoping we get to see this seriously fit lad sharing some wanking with one or two of the other guys. I get the feeling that’s not far away, given how horny and confident this guy is in this jerk off video.

When you think about it, these lads must know what the deal is when they start showing off for the site. You know they’re all checking out the other videos there before they head in to start playing with their dick. Given that, I think it’s likely he’s gonna be down for sharing that cock with some of the other dudes there and that’s definitely gonna be worth watching.

His name is Justin McGregor and he’s a great performer. He’s one of those guys who just seems to be horny all the time and his cock is bulging out of his underwear within seconds. I guess that might be partly because he works out so much. If you’re a gym-going guy you know what I’m talking about!

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It would be good enough just to see him enjoying that long and hard uncut cock and getting a load out, but the finish he delivers has to be seen.

If you love seeing guys shooting off a big cum load and making a really hot mess then you’re gonna love seeing this guy splashing his cream out over himself. I don’t think we’ve seen a performer there splashing out that much jizz since Andy Lee.

It makes me wonder just how much he’s gonna cum when he gets that cock wanked for him by one of the other guys for the first time. I can totally imagine he’s gonna be spewing out a gigantic mess when he kicks back and lets one of their other lads stroke his dick for him.

I need to make a suggestion here, they should have Aaron Janes stroking him for that first duo wank. Can you imagine seeing those two guys together enjoying those dicks? As long as there’s some frotting and sword fighting between them before they get those shots firing off I’ll be happy!

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