Cum Show – 3 straight military buddies rub those dicks and squirt!

I thought it was about time I drew your attention to the awesome BuddyBate theater once again, with a video I’ve been enjoying this morning. These three straight military buddies are doing what straight buddies do best, watching some pussy action and getting their cocks out, rubbing their dicks together, swapping their meat and having a fucking hot time of it!

These are real good buddies, you can tell right from the start. They just don’t give a fuck, they know how good it feels to stroke with a bro and how much more fun it can be to grab another cock and frot those lengths together.

If there’s any doubt about how much fun these three guys had just check out the cum shots they squirt out, one of them can’t stop himself from delivering another hot mess of cock cream he’s so turned on by it all!

Check out the cover and click through for the video, it’s pretty cheap to stream or download it, you can rent the scenes or buy it for keeps.

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