Get both Lingox Masturbators for less!

The guys over at BlokeToys are being pretty special to us with this offer. No doubt plenty of you guys have been checking out the new Lingox Club and Spade masturbators, and you’ve probably been wondering which ones to buy too, but they’re helping you out with that and giving all us BuddyBate guys a special deal too!

You can now get both of these Lingox masturbators for less with a special discount code.

CODE: buddybatelingox

Each masturbator is usually £17.99, together £35.98, but the BlokeToys guys are giving you £5.99 off when you buy both together. You also get the usual free UK delivery and a water based lube too.

They’ve always been good to us over there, and we definitely appreciate this offer. I’ll be taking advantage of it.

There’s apparently limited stock available so get them while you can.



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