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Gym Muscle Dick

LocoStroker UK

“I’m a bi guy, I work out, go to the gym three times a week and love seeing all the cocks in the showers. I am a bit of a perv in that way and I admit it. I love seeing guys with their dicks on show. One guy really turns me on and I get hard every time I see him. Last week I saw him in the showers and got hard straight away. He’s a real sexy guy, big and tattood with a lot of ink up his arms and all over his back. He’s massive and totally fucking gorgeous. He has a really nice cock too, pink and shaved smooth with pretty nice balls. I could tell he was getting a little hard as he soaped himself up and I was rock hard in an instant. His dick was chubby and his foreskin was sliding back to show off his pink helmet and all I could think about was wanking him off and making him cum. I had to leave pretty quickly after that because my dick was rock solid in front of me and dribbling precum!

I know I will never get the chance to wank with him, let alone wank him off. He’s married, he’s massive and scary looking, and he could pound me into the ground with one arm behind his back. Maybe that makes him sexier? I don’t know, all I know is I love seeing him naked and thinking about what it would be like to make that dick shoot.”


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buy sex toys for men