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I haven’t wanked with my best mate for a year and I miss it

Submitted by Anonymous in Brighton

I started wanking with my best mate about five years ago. I met him when I started my first job working behind a bar and we started hanging out and going to the gym, clubbing on the weekends and all that. He’s a good laugh and was the kind of guy who would just get his cock out. He was proud of being pretty big and liked getting comments.

The summer after I met him we went on a lads weekend to France and me and him were sharing a room. That was the first time we wanked. There was a big TV in the bedroom and it had internet access so one night after a few beers we got some porn up and before I knew it we were both rubbing one out.

It wasn’t a big deal to us and I didn’t pay much attention to his cock.

After that we ended up wanking off together a few more times, just after nights out or when I went over to his flat. There was nothing gay about it, just a couple of mates watching porn and wanking. It was fun, chilled out and easy. I never did that with anyone else, not even a girlfriend.

Things stopped after I got a girlfriend and I moved in with her. A few months later he was in a relationship too. We weren’t hanging out much so the wanks stopped and I realized a couple of months ago that I really miss it. There was something pretty horny about just kicking back with a mate and seeing each other enjoying our cocks. It wasn’t like full-on staring at each other or comparing, it was just appreciating seeing another hard dick being wanked right there.

I guess I have a reason for this story, and that’s telling you guys that you should keep hold of your good mates, especially if you’re that close you can wank with each other. I hope we get back into things but I don’t know if we will now. I guess we’ve both kind of moved on but I do wonder if he misses our porn and wank nights as much as I do.

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