Hung muscle man Brad fucks a Tenga Flip Hole

I knew this post had to go up when I wanked out a load to this video this morning (and used my own Tenga Flip Hole too!)

Check out muscle man Brad, a fucking horny bodybuilder, personal trainer and male stripper with a big uncut cock to stroke the cum from. He’s back to show off his dick once again and enjoy something new they’ve created for their guys to enjoy…

They’ve made a thrusting stroking machine for their men to enjoy, with a controller to manage the speed and pleasure as it slides a sleeve back and forth, milking the cum from those throbbing dicks.

Yes, I want one of these to share with my wank mates! lol

They’ve strapped in a classic Tenga Flip Hole for Brad to slide his big cock into and having one myself I know how fucking hot they are to wank with. I can only imagine how much better it might be to have a machine milking you with it too.

I’ve had a friend use it on my cock before and that was amazing, but for solo fun this looks like a good way to get that dick milked.

Brad definitely loves it, we get to hear him moaning and groaning as that sleeve pleasures his uncut meat and takes him right over the edge, pulling his cock out and splashing his semen from hie helmet, making a fucking hot mess in the process.

This hung muscle man has always been amazing to watch working his big dick, but this milking video might be the horniest one yet.

Oh, and if you want a Tenga Flip Hole for yourself I would recommend visiting BlokeToys 🙂

click to joinhung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 1 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 2 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 3 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 4 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 5 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 6 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 7 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 8 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 9 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 10 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 11 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 12 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 13 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 14 hung-muscle-man-brad-fucks-tenga-flip-hole 15click to join


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3 thoughts on “Hung muscle man Brad fucks a Tenga Flip Hole

  • November 2, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    Never tried one of those toys but really want one. Have a Fleshlight and it feels great. I might have to buy one and give it some fucking 🙂

  • November 25, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    Always wanted one of those but they were too expensive for me. Have a couple of little sleeves though and they always make my dick spew a massive load. Love taking a long time to wank with my big fat cock in one of those tight toys 🙂

  • March 16, 2017 at 8:00 am

    I have a Fleshlight and a Tenga. I prefer the Tenga. Feels great on my dick and always makes me cum a massive load.


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