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The life of a stripper – Jacking off together after the show

Submitted by Steven in Florida

I started stripping in the mid 00’s and got a job with a small company. It was a great time making nice money. I’d always been a pretty good dancer and it was easy for me to get it all out on show with a group of other guys.

We used to get laid a lot. If we went to a party big enough with a younger audience there was always an opportunity to get some head or some pussy after the show.

Being a stripper meant getting changed in small back rooms, usually four or five of us for a big show. It meant a lot of jacking off together. When you’re prepping for a good show you stroke a bit to get plump and heavy then get out there and deliver the best performance you can. It wasn’t always full-frontal shows, but even when it wasn’t and we were just stripping down to our underwear we’d still need to be bulging.

You kind of get used to seeing your buddies beating their meat.

Some of the biggest shows would mean getting real horny by the end of it. You’d have girls grabbing your cock and jerking you off when you walk through the crowd and although we had rules against it there was usually some girl getting back stage.

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When that didn’t happen the guys would take of things themselves. This meant plenty of jerking.

I don’t know how many times we all spent half an hour after a show jacking off together. I must have seen my buddies cumming hundreds of times over those few years. There was never anything strange about it, but when you’ve seen your buddies cocks out, hard and wet, sucked by girls and constantly groped during a long show at some hotel you don’t have any kind f shyness about it.

We never jerked each other. Or at least I was never into any of that. Some of the guys might have. Over the years we had a couple of guys come and go and I know at least two of them were bisexual so I guess some of the guys got head or jerked each other, I just never saw any of that myself.

I have fond memories of us sitting around after the show jacking off together, talking about the girls, talking about past experiences, about other shows (some of the guys worked solo for other companies on the side).

I developed an appreciation for sharing that pleasure with other guys back then and carried on in my own life. I’m married now, but I have a good buddy I like to jack off with when we get the chance.

I don’t deny there is something sexual about it, I do love seeing another man’s cock hard, I enjoy seeing a big ejaculation squirting off, but more than all that it’s a great experience to share that with a friend. I would say it’s 70% friendship and 30% appreciation for cock and jerking.

Anyway, thanks for the blog. It’s a great site and I just found it. Love reading the experiences of other guys.

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