Reader SteveOh started eating his own cum, find out why

Submitted by SteveOh

I’m a cum lover. In 2010 I started working out, after being introduced by a friend to the mud runs around the country. The first one I went to was great but I was pretty useless and decided that I really needed to become fitter if I wanted to compete properly.

I started going to the gym a couple of times a week and really got into it. I was actually having a good time and met loads of new mates who I got into the mudder scene too.

After a year into it I was really focused on nutrition and I started checking out those parts of all the forums I was a member of and a guy on one of them posted about a story saying semen was a great natural supplement. There was one gay guy on there, a bodybuilder, and he swore by it.

I was skeptical of course and thought this was a joke, but then when I looked into it there was a lot of real science behind it. It’s not packed with protein the way a proper supplement is but there’s a lot in semen that seems to increase overall health, and it seems to make sense too. I read one article by a doctor who suggested that it was another way for the female body to increase fertility and the chances of conception.

So, your cum has a lot of stuff in it designed to improve the health of your partner and make them more likely to conceive, so it seems reasonable to think that consuming semen might actually have an impact on your overall health too. It doesn’t just have a mix of sperm and water, it’s full of various proteins, vitamins and minerals which all seem to improve health.

In my search for information about it I found plenty of videos and pics of guys cumming into their own mouths and I admit it was a bit of a turn on. I always considered myself straight but there is something about cocks and cum that gets me hard.

After learning about all of this I tired it a couple of times. When I was wanking I tried to cum in my hand and then eat it, but every time I tried I would be too grossed out to go through with it. Once the need to cum is gone you just lose interest in it.

So I changed tactic and every time I was ready to cum I would flip back and aim it at my face. A lot of the time I would completely miss, but now and then I would get some in my mouth and quickly swallow.

Gradually I got used to it, and my aim got better. I cum quite a lot and I learned to get several squirts right into my mouth. After a couple of months I was used to the taste of my cum and I actually started to enjoy it.

These days I don’t waste my own load. I don’t know if it’s actually because of the cum drinking but after starting to do it I did see changes, and I felt changes too. My mood was a lot better more of the time and it seemed to help me sleep too. It might be psychological, but I don’t actually care whether it is or not, all I know is that I now get pretty turned on watching a guy unloading in his face and eating his own cum, and I like the taste of my own too.

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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

3 thoughts on “Reader SteveOh started eating his own cum, find out why

  • January 20, 2016 at 10:09 am

    I read about this too. There are a few bodybuilders out there who talk about doing it but I always thought they were trolling. lol
    Never eaten my own cum. Tasted it once by accident when I squirted so hard I hit myself in the face by even though I think about doing it when I’m really horny I’m always too grossed out when it happens. It’s like a switch is thrown the second that cum starts flying lol

  • April 28, 2018 at 2:33 am

    In my early years I had a wank club w 3 other mates and would have serious wank parties, always included edging so they lasted a couple hours each time. One buds dad was a doctor and actually knew we did this with his full permission to use the house. It was cool to have a place to kick back, strip, edge as a group and not have to worry about getting caught.
    The buds dad came home a couple times to find us naked, lubed and getting each other off, but was always cool about it.
    One night we were having a discussion about eating out a cream pie of a girl you had just filled w your load and he overheard us discussing if it would make us sick to do that, or was it ok when he walked in and asked us if we needed advice.
    His son asked him to gets the low down on sperm ingesting as we were edging each others dicks.
    I should clarify here that our bud, his son was in premed and his dad a doctor had a very healthy outlook on masterbation solo or mutual group. Which he openly admitted doing all during school and in med school, so it wasn’t some weird incest thing going on.
    His dad told us the health benefits and ingredients of smean and the effects it has. I asked if he had ever taken his own load and got a very honest (he’ll yes, many times, and still do)
    He asked all of us including his son if we had. One of us three said yes.
    He asked us if we were going to try it, and offered to stay as moral support in case we chickened out.
    A vote was cast, and w proper medical care on the ready we all agreed, and went for it after a short instructions from him.
    We made a bet w him that if we all did it he had to do it right there to prove he does still do it.
    We did with coaching from hom, he stripped did it w cheering from us and that was that.

  • April 28, 2018 at 3:14 am

    I should add that seed is actually semen, and a critic hint when I said one of us three admitted to yes, think about it three buds and myself = 4. I kept referring to the Dr son as the fourth. Therefore he did not admit to tasting his own.


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