My secret wanks in the work locker room

Submitted by Anon in London

I’ve worked as part of a maintenance team for almost ten years now. It was my first job out of college and although people think it’s shit to spend all day in tunnels it pays well and I’ve made some great mates out of it.

The other guys on my team of 6 have no idea about my wanking habits.

It started when me and my mrs had our daughter and she lost interest for a while. I started looking for other ways to get off. I didn’t want to cheat on her or anything like that so I used to just wank a lot. I would pull over on my drive home and rub one out.

One night after a late shift me and the boys were getting changed and cleaner had called in sick so I offered to stick around and clean the place up. It was used by a few different crews and the kitchen and locker rooms were usually a shit hole by the end of the day.

Everyone else left and it was just me cleaning up when I found an old open locker and looked inside, and of course I found a wank mag. I kind of knew other guys were rubbing one out in there but this was the first evidence of it.

I grabbed it and got to work, my big cock out of my jeans overalls and in my fist, precum oozing out of my tip. It was a fucking horny wank, a long one, turned me on so much I shot a massive load of cum.

That was the first time and it was so good I called my boss the next day and told him I would take over cleaning if he wanted to save some money. I offered to do it for a little less than they were already paying. I’d even come in on my days off and spend half an hour just doing that.

Soon I was there every day, cleaning up and getting paid for it, and wanking out a cum load too. One of the guys caught me once mid-stroke, he forgot something in his locker and came back after ten minutes to catch me sitting on the bench with my dick in my fist. He joked with me about my big dick but he never said anything to anyone else about it.

I’ve actually thought about what it would be like if one of them caught me wanking and wanted to join in. That’s what got me here and leaving this experience. I would actually like that. I wanked with a mate once and it was a laugh.

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