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Would you shoot cum with your brother? See these brothers wanking out their loads together

Site reviewI don’t have a brother so I don’t know what it would be like, but I imagine we would probably be pretty cool with being naked and seeing each other hard. These guys have no problem with that, but it might be because they both work out a lot and they’ve probably seen each other’s cock a million times.

Jamie Black (the more muscled lad) and his brother Rowan Black are starting out in this duo wank, going a little further than most of their new arrivals. Most of the time a new guy will arrive and make a solo wanking video, then come back and get a massage and a hand job, but these guys are jumping right in with a duo, getting their dicks out together and having some shared wanking fun in the sun.

I don’t know how common it is for them to get hard and start wanking, but the way they compare those hard cocks and comment on each other I’m guessing this might be a pretty new experience. They don’t seem bothered by it at all, checking out those dicks, swinging their stiff inches around, having a great time showing off.

In fact you can kind of tell even when they’re in their underwear that they’re getting hard and throbbing in their boxers. That’s a good sign, they both seem to be into showing off and putting on a good performance.

With their big cocks out and stiff in their fists the brothers spend a good long time sliding their foreskins back and forth other their swollen tips, checking each other out, seeing how their bro is doing with his dick as they build up the pleasure and get ready to shoot off their cum loads.

And when that moment comes it’s a great mess these guys make. Rowan erupts a massive squirting mess of hot cum over himself, sending jet after jet of hot milky semen splashing over his abs and chest. Jamie is pretty amazed by it, laughing and watching his brother splashing his cum out all over himself.

Then it’s his turn, rubbing his thick cock while Rowan watches, pumping out a thicker and creamier mess from his foreskin covered helmet and dribbling man juice all over his fist, dripping down to his balls and thighs.

It’s a great shared wanking session between a couple of great guys. I can’t wait to see what they do in their next scene. If they go through the usual process we should expect to see each of them being wanked off by another guy for the first time, but I’m hoping they might come back again together and maybe get a hand job together from one of the other lads!

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