Squirting a huge cum shot at the urinals

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The meeting wasn’t as bad as I’d expected it to be. It was actually smaller than I’d feared, just a couple of guys from the marketing department and three new starters sitting in to learn a few things. It was over in an hour.

To be honest, while I sat there trying to pay attention to my colleagues when it was their turn to speak, all I could think about was those two men in getting their cocks out and wanking each other off.

A professional meeting like this is not the best place to start considering the complexity of your own sexuality, but I knew immediately there was something about the experience I’d just had that intrigued me. I’d seen something horny and it got me hard, unexpectedly, and now all I could think about was seeing it again, wanking my cock, shooting a hot load of cum and satisfying my needs.

Maybe that was all I needed, maybe that was why I was hard, maybe it was nothing to do with seeing two cocks being shared between guys at all and all I needed to was to get a pent up load out of my own dick.

The meeting came to an end and almost on auto-pilot I went back down to the garage, in a daze. My cock was still slightly hard in my boxers, but getting harder at the thought of shooting a load. I’d managed to subdue it for most of the meeting but when I found my mind meandering back to that sight of dicks being wanked it sprang back to life.

I needed to cum, badly.

Stepping back into the men’s room I was a little disappointed that no one else was there. I don’t know what I expected, it had been more than an hour, obviously, they wouldn’t still be there wanking each other off.

I headed to the cubicle again, desperate to get my cock out and splash the cream from my dick as fast as possible, then I paused.

I stepped back to the urinal.

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It had been years since I shot a load at the urinals. When I was a college student working night shifts in an office I used to go and wank one out into a urinal, there was something a little kinky about it. I don’t know what it was, but I guess it’s like wanking outside, or in your car. It’s just different, more fun for some reason.

I stepped up to the wall and unzipped, my solid cock quickly out. My foreskin was slippery with juice as I slid it back and began playing with my swollen tip between my fingers. It was so hot, the pleasure so intense. My shaft was so solid, harder than I’d been for a long time. Usually, I have a wank maybe once a week, I sleep with my girlfriend probably two or three times a week, my solo sessions are out of necessity in the shower, dealing with a morning stiffy. This was different.

My cock was aching for release, the veins along my 8 inches bulging and solid, my balls heavy and churning over and over as I pumped my shaft. My thick meat was dripping precum from the tip, swinging and splatting against my trousers, but I didn’t care about wet patches now.

The pleasure started to build, rising higher and then ebbing back, the waves increasing in intensity as my stroking picked up speed, faster and faster until the first jolt shook me.

My hand froze as the powerful jet of hot white cum erupted from my cock head, firing off and splatting against the tiled back of the urinal with such force it splashed back and decorated my hand and sleeve. Another long stream followed, thick and wet. My cock was pumping so hard, firing off semen with the kind of force I hadn’t experienced since I first learned what cum was.

My knees were weakening, my arse clenched as another shocking jolt of extreme pleasure forced a fourth or fifth long arcing jet of spunk from my steel-like erection.

Over and over again my cock erupted globs of milky juice, decorating the tiled wall, streams of semen sliding down it.

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Finally, as the pleasure began to subside and my cock pulsed as the last of my load spurted in shorter pumps I looked at the mess I’d made. My breath was so heavy as I stood there nursing my aching erection, leaning against the wall in front of me.

It looked like someone had thrown a carton of yogurt against the urinal wall. There was so much jizz, dripping down the tiles in long streams.

My cock was softening, satisfied and wet, sticky with the last of my juices as I packed it away into my boxers.

I gathered myself together and left, my semen still there on the urinal wall.

The drive home was a short one. Either there was no traffic on the roads or I was so consumed with confusion about the day that I was lost in a trance.

For days I thought about the experience. I wanked so much cum out that week it was remarkable. I hadn’t cum as much as that since I was a teenager. Even my girlfriend noticed a change in me, saying I was like a horny teen. We had sex six times that week, and I wanked another ten times. Every morning, every night, my cock was like some kind of insatiable monster.

I didn’t realize just how much the experience had changed me until I found myself back in that men’s room two weeks later at the same time and on the same day, hoping the two wankers would be back.

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