Straight brothers jacking off – Jamie and Rowan Black beat their meat and spurt their loads

Site reviewIt’s not often you get to see a couple of horny straight brothers jacking off together, so when a shoot like this one arrives it gets a lot of attention. It’s a gallery at the moment, but the video will be arriving soon and you probably want to click through and take a look at the massive number of pics as they get their dicks out and have some fun.

Jamie is the bigger brother, the more muscled dude who worked at the gym and loves to box. He’s a powerful looking guy and he has a meaty uncut 7-inch cock to show off and stroke the cream from in his duo.

His bro Rowan is slimmer but has the same kind of dick, just thinner than his brother.

We don’t know a whole lot about these two right now, but you can tell when they get their cocks out that they’re not exactly shy. They’re proud of their dicks, soon thickening up and starting to throb within seconds of being on display.

Soon enough the guys are stroking, watching each other as their foreskins slide back and forth. They’re really not at all bothered about being on display and showing their bro their cock. In fact, they seem to really like the freedom of wanking in front of each other and watching their brother enjoying his dick too.

After what seems to be a very long session of masturbation and watching each other enjoying their own cock, they kick back in the sun and work up those cum loads.

Rowan goes first, looking like he surprised himself as a heavy squirting shower of semen starts erupting from his dick. Jamie watches, laughing at his brother while his cum continues to pump out in jets, splashing up his athletic body and making a hot mess all over.

I don’t know if it’s the sight and smell of all that cum that gets Jamie on the edge, but soon enough his own thicker uncut dick is pumping out streams of white cum too, splatting down over his abs and dripping all over his fist like a creamy volcano.

Like I said, you don’t often get to see brothers jacking off together and having so much fun. In fact, I think the only other times we’ve seen that was when hung Andy and his brother got their dicks out together, and when the hung Prince twins stroked their loads out together. Check out those posts too, but make sure you click through and check out the full gallery of these guys unloading their balls.

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  • April 5, 2018 at 11:15 pm

    Only ever wanked with my brother in law, but that was a lot like this the first time.


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