Straight Buddies Foot Jerking?

Okay, now I can honestly say that I don’t have any kind of foot fetish, but I could understand why some guys might find this video pretty hot to watch.
These two guys are both straight guys who are being paid to come in and jerk off on camera while they watch some porn. And of course, watching them get a feel of another guys cock would be a real turn on. They always do this, and they manage to get plenty of straight boys jerking each other and getting their first taste of cock too. But these guys were paid $400 each to jerk their dicks between each other feet.
I’ve heard of a foot-wank, but I’ve never seen it done. Of course, I could imagine what it was. But watching this video I find myself thinking “stop being pussies and just stroke that cock for him!” Seriously, what’s the big deal? You’ve got a cock, you know what one feels like, why is it such a massive leap to stroke another while he strokes yours?
Why are straight guys such pussies when it comes to a hard cock? 🙂

Straight guys foot wank

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