Straight guy wanked off by another man for the first time

Last month we saw a great video with military guy Anthony getting his cock out with his mate Bryson and having a great time grabbing those dicks and wanking each other off, but it seems this wasn’t the first time Anthony had another man jerk him off.

Two straight best mates wanking each other offRelated: The site has just updated with a video of the guy getting one of their special

Anthony and Bryson are a couple of straight best buddies who never did this before despite knowing each other for years, working together and being as close as friends can be. Watch them have a great time grabbing those cocks and wanking each other off.

The site has just updated with a video of the guy getting one of their special massage and hand job sessions, receiving a rub down and some dick play, being stroked and made to splash his cum out of his cock.

It’s pretty interesting that it apparently took a lot of convincing to get this guy to agree to a massage and wank, but not as much convincing to get his cock out with his mate and stroke each other.

If you didn’t see the video with him and his mate wanking each other off I recommend taking a look, they had a lot of fun in that one and clearly enjoyed shooting off their loads after stroking each other.

This one is pretty hot though, his cock gets so hard and throbbing, his helmet swells up and oozes while he’s being stroked and finally he pumps a heavy mess of hot cum out over himself.

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