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Straight guys mutual wanking in a massage session

USMC Corporal Jax and NAVY PO2 Enzo know how to have a great time watching porn and stroking their hard cocks, and they’re not at all shy about helping each other out while they put on an awesome show for their fans around the world.

These two straight guys are actually good buddies in real life, they’ve gotten to know each other pretty well, as you can see from this horny stroke session as they get naked and start having fun on cam.

Each dude takes his turn on the massage table while the other gets them all oiled up and slippery, using a vibrating bullet to add a little more sensation to the fun. Needless to say, it’s not long at all before those big slippery cocks are rock hard, throbbing with pleasure and oozing clear juice.

With both buddies horny for more Jax leaps in and gets the party started, wrapping his hand around his friend’s throbbing length and gently stroking his engorged shaft for him. Of course, when a buddy offers you a hand like that it’s only polite to return the favor and within moments these two guys are rubbing each other’s hard and slippery cocks, stroking their friend and giving them the kind of pleasure no woman could.

Moving over to the bed the buddies get their cocks together for some awesome frotting, rubbing their meat against each other, grabbing both their shafts in their slippery hands and pleasuring their combined manhood until they start to feel the pleasure rising to the limit.

You guys know how good cock frotting can be so it’s no surprise to us that the feel of another hard and warm dick against their own soon has them needing to cum so badly.

The lads kick back on the bed and stroke themselves off, watching each other spewing their cream as they both unload and pump hot milky mess from their dicks, finishing an awesome session of mutual cock play between two great buddies!

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