The first time I gave a happy ending

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Times were tough. I was trying to put myself through college and working part time as a personal trainer too, so when I was given the opportunity to earn a little more cash and offer massage sessions to a few customers I took it.

I’d already finished up a course in sports massage so I knew what I was doing, it was all very professional – at least for the first month. It started when a friend of mine complained about back pain and I offered to help them out. He was feeling so much better after just a couple of sessions he started telling his friends and before I knew it I had three regular customers coming to me every week.

Through my job I soon discovered another couple of clients and before I knew it what started as a side business had taken over and I was earning more in two days of appointments than I was in a week. When I began having to turn down customers I realized that I should probably start taking this more seriously.

With encouragement from my girlfriend I quit my part time job and we rented a new flat with a spare room I could dedicate to my new business, and I dove straight in. Within another month I had 30 clients coming to me every week, men and women, old and young. It was all very above board until Terry came along one afternoon.

He was a new client from the gym, a bodybuilder just getting into competition. Like a lot of those guys his complaints we the usual back and neck pain and within a session he was felling much better so he decided to make it a regular appointment. On on his second visit things took a turn.

After working on his back and focusing on his main problem areas I asked him to turn over, as usual, so I could properly focus on his shoulders and then his thighs, and as he turned and got into position the towel rose like a tent as his large erection held it up impressively.

This is not unusual, I’m used to seeing guys becoming aroused when they’re in such a relaxed state, although this time it was definitely more than just a semi. This was a full on 8 inch flag pole holding up the towel, not something easily ignored. He quickly apologized, and of course I said it was fine, it was common, he wasn’t the first one to become aroused on my table etc…

We continued as if nothing had happened, but his erection was not going away.

While focusing on his feet at the bottom of the table and having the distracting view of his hairless balls nestled on his thighs as the towel twitched he began leading in conversation:

“It’s a shame you don’t offer, y’know, extra services” he chuckled.

I was silent for a moment, then quietly joked “unfortunately I’m straight, but if I had a pound for every guy who suggested that extra service I would probably be able to retire”

There was another moment of silence, then he said “well, I could offer you double”.

I was pretty surprised, I was pretty sure he was completely straight just like I was, but I suppose he was feeling quite desperate and intensely horny at the time. I let it go and asserted once again that this wasn’t a service I was able to deliver, but I did it with humour to avoid making things uncomfortable.

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I spent a few days thinking about it after that, wondering if perhaps I should recommend that he find someone else. I decided to just let it go and carry on as if nothing had happened, but I have to admit the offer of being paid double certainly intrigued me. I am definitely straight, but I began to wonder whether it was really so different massaging another man’s erection. After all, I spend my days rubbing guys all over, so what difference would it make if I masturbated them to climax too?

The following week he arrived and we were progressing through the session when again his cock made an appearance, standing proud and obvious under the towel. I was working on his thighs when I brushed his scrotum under the material and his cock twitched.

The towel shifted upward as his cock lay back on his abdomen, revealing his shaved and saggy pink balls and the base of his neatly trimmed thick shaft. I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly realized that my own cock was getting hard in my trackies.

Working on his right thigh I manoeuvred my fingers and gently brushed his nuts again, they rolled and pulled up and he issued a very slight moan. I think that was the time I finally thought I wanted to wank him off.

I didn’t say anything, by this point all I could think about was removing the towel and feeling his hard cock in my fist. It was a completely new experience for me, but by now my cock was issuing a constant stream of precum in my boxers and all I could think about was what it would feel like, what his cock would look like, how much I could make him cum…

I slid my hand further up, under the towel. His hardness met my hand and I gently gripped the base of his cock, feeling the girth of it for the first time. As no objections cam from him I slid my hand further along, feeling the tapering shape of his long erection between my fingers as the towel slid up and off, revealing his cock fully for the first time.

It was a perfect penis, if ever I’ve seen one. 8 inches of smooth and pink flesh reached up from his neatly trimmed pubes, throbbing as I released it, twitching as it hovered above his abdomen.

I grabbed the lube, greased up my hands and pumped out a long line of clear liquid along his shaft from the balls to the sheathed helmet.

Working slowly I massaged his inches, getting him slick and shiny with lube as he began to make slight appreciative sounds. I cupped his heavy balls in one hand and slowly slid my lightly closed fist down over his helmet, feeling his foreskin slide gently back as his rounded and swelling tip filled my palm.

My cock was rock solid by this point, twitching and demanding release, but I was determined this would all be about him and his cock.

I slowly stroked him, back and forth, taking a moment here and there to rub the purple tip of his shaft as seeing the precum ooze from his cum hole. His balls were tightening up, rising to meet his thick root as I stroked his length first gently and then hard, then back again. I bunched his foreskin up at the tip and slipped a free finger into the folds, sliding around under the hood and making him moan more insistently.

With his balls in one hand and his shaft in the other I went to work to get him off, determined to make him cum. I knew it wouldn’t be hard, his shaft was already throbbing and the veins popped up along his length as they snaked around his girth.

He began to squirm, a little at first but gradually increasing. His legs became restless, his hips humping up gently to meet my strokes as his slippery erection glided in and out of my loose fist. His foreskin flicked back and forth over the glistening glands as he mumbled something incoherently and his hips jerked forward…

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A flash of hot white streamed from his dick, squirting out in a high arc, followed quickly by another splash. His shaft was rock solid in my grip as I tried to maintain control of his length, his balls now gathered up tight against his cock as I massaged them gently.

Stream after stream of thick white milky cum spewed from his cock as he moaned openly, his semen reaching up to his neck as it flew out with force and splashed over his muscled frame decorating his impressive physique.

I aimed his cock up and the final fountain fired up in front of me, splashing down over his thighs, splatting over my hand and forearm. His body began to relax just as the last of his semen was leaving his helmet, pumping in small spurts as his jizz pooled around his navel. His cock was drenched in lube and cum, my wet fingers smearing the last of his semen as it leaked from his tip. I squeezed his shaft gently, milking out the final dribbles of his load and sliding the warm fluid over his shaft…

I cleaned him up slowly, still without any words being spoken as he lay there looking relaxed and satisfied, and with a massive smile on his handsome face.

After cleaning up a little more in the bathroom he dressed and left, after giving me double what I expected.

That was the first time I ever stroked another guys cock, but after that first time new customers began to arrive from gym’s all over the city, recommended by him. Before long I was giving out hand jobs and getting guys off every day of the week, with several getting me off in return as I wanked them and humped my cock into their fist at the edge of the table. I became an expert in the art of cock stroking, keeping guys on the edge of cumming and giving them the most intense climax they have ever experienced.

I would never have known that this is what I would end up doing, or that I would ever touch another man’s cock. The truth is, guys love dick, and I’m the first one to admit it.

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