Tyler Hirst introduces John Dudley to mutual wanking

Seeing straight guys wanking each other is one of the horniest things on sites like English Lads, and I think that’s probably why so many of us are members there. When you have straight guys like former Royal Marine enjoying his cock with other dudes and showing new guys like John Dudley how much fun it is to wank together and shoot some loads you know you’re onto a winner.

There aren’t that many sites out there focusing so much on straight guys wanking each other like they do there, before they get their guys moving on to other things.

John is the straight guy who appeared on the site about 18 months ago wanking himself off and shooting a cum load, and he was definitely not into doing anything with any other guy back then. I don’t know what changed, but he’s decided to come back and explore a little more, and of course Tyler is the man to do it!

Starting off with some massage Tyler soon gets his own uncut pink dick out, and John follows. With a little wanking Tyler has the new guy hard and leaking precum, and his own hooded dick is throbbing in response.

There’s a lot of cock frott in this one as the guys bump and wank their dicks together before laying back to stroke each other, and from the look of things both these guys seem to be getting off on handling another dudes dick.

I don’t think this is the last time we’ll be seeing John, he definitely enjoyed the experience and shot a nice load of cum on himself before Tyler joined in and dumped his wad out.

There’s only the gallery on there for this one at the moment, but the video should be arriving pretty soon, and there’s a lot more to watch with their straight guys exploring cock fun with each other. Check it out!

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