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Tyler Hirst sucks James Welbeck in his first mutual wanking session

We all knew that handsome and straight footballer James Welbeck was going to be into mutual wanking, right? We saw him being stroked off in his last video, and when I knew he was going to be back to get sucked off and wank another guys cock for the first time I was really looking forward to it.

Tyler Hirst was the obvious choice. The straight muscled dude is a former Royal Marine with very few limits, and since he started playfully sharing his hooded dick with some of the other guys he’s really shown some skills as he enjoys those boners.

He’s back to teach James all about mutual wanking and what another guys mouth can do for his dick, and although I know most of you are mainly about the stroking there’s a whole lot to love about this duo.

There’s horny friendly wanking, cock on cock sword fighting, sucking and a whole lot of cumming too. James obviously had a lot of fun playing with Tyler’s pink and hooded dick!

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