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Uncut jock boy wanking – Connor Wickham pumps his load out

Site reviewI don’t know how true this is, but I’ve heard a rumor that straight uncut jock boy Connor Wickham has already been back to shoot a video with one of the other lads where he gets his cock stroked for him, and he apparently grabs the other lad’s cock and wanks him off too.

To be honest it sounds plausible because that’s what they do there with guys like this. He might be wanking his own uncut cock and splashing his cum out now, but most of the lads they get on the site end up coming back to frott their cock with another guy and make each other cum.

He’s a seriously hot guy and he looks like the kind of lad who would be down for some mutual wanking. He’s enjoying his own uncut dick in this one and really getting into his bate out in the sun, stroking his foreskin back and forth over his swollen tip and making his nuts churn as they build a big thick cum load to pump out over himself.

I already have a few ideas about who I would love to see him frotting with. Do you have anyone in mind? Go and check out the site and see some of their other mutual wanking videos.

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