Uncut straight boy Joe Burleigh gets a little help in his cum splashing solo

Site reviewHis name is Joe Burleigh and he’s a straight Personal Trainer getting his uncut straight boy dick out for some wanking in his first video for the site, and from the way this one goes I think we can expect to see a lot more from him after this!

You guys know why it’s one my favorite sites out there. They get fit lads like these in for a solo, we get to watch them enjoying their uncut dick and shooting off a load, then they usually get them back to have their cock stroked by another straight lad for the first time.

Most of them then go on to share some mutual cock play, wanking each other off, frotting their hooded dicks together and shooting off their jizz loads with another guy for the first time. Needless to say, they soon find out what we all already know – playing with another dude’s dick is a whole lot of fun!

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It seems Joe Burleigh might be a little further along than a lot of their other straight lads. He’s getting his thick intact dick out to stroke a load from his shaft in this solo, and lets another man rub his cock for him too. It happens now and then, a confident lad like him will let a guy grab it and have a play with his meat in his first session.

After seeing hi kick back in the sun and shoot off his cum load over himself I think we’re only gonna be waiting a couple of weeks at the most before we watch him grabbing another cock for the first time and sharing some frotting and sword fighting with another one of their boys.

In the meantime we have a lot of other new lads to watch there, so click through and check it out.

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