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Wanking with mates was always a laugh, I miss it

Submitted by Tony in London

I used to wank with my two mates. One of them was made homeless and he was staying with our other mate. I went over there for some beers one night and they put porn on and got their cocks out. It weren’t a big deal so I got my cock out too and we all had a wank.

Happened again a couple of weeks later and I watched them wanking each other off. I took the piss out of them for a while but I have to admit it got me thinking about it. I never did wank either of them off but it was pretty horny seeing them make each other cum.

We had some good times wanking off together, did it a few times before I stopped going over there. I don’t know why I did stop. I miss it now.

I’ve got one mate now who might be into it if the opportunity comes up. I’ve seen his dick a couple of times and he’s not shy about it and I get the feeling if a mate is willing to get his cock out like that he might be willing to wank it.

Maybe it’ll happen. I hope so, I do miss having a mate like that who just doesn’t care about getting a load out.



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