Wanked with my best mate a lot recently

Submitted by Alpha1 in Manchester

Started wanking with my mate a couple of years ago. We’ve known each other since we were teens and wanked once over porn a long time ago.

We’ve always been gym buds and go a couple of times a week. He’s more dedicated and wants to do shows and stuff.

One afternoon we were comparing abs and then it just kind of went on from there. We ended up naked but that’s nothing strange for us. We’ve seen each other naked a million times before. The difference this time was that I started to get hard. It was just because I hadn’t wanked for a while and my girlfriend had been away for a few days. I always get horny after working out so it wasn’t a big deal.

My mate started getting hard too. It was all cool, we were joking about it and started comparing our dicks. We were comparing everything else so it does seem pretty funny that we never compared our cocks before.

Had a good time getting hard and showing off and I never thought I would be into posing for another guy but it was alright. We just came to the agreement that we needed to watch some porn and deal with our dicks and that was all it took. For the next half an hour we were wanking and watching porn.

I never thought I would ever be interested in wanking with another guy but it’s been a lot of fun so far. I don’t want to wank him off or him wank me though. It’s just good horny fun kicking back with your best mate and just rubbing your cum out together watching porn.

Done it a lot of times now and it’s become a part of our gym sessions. We finish up there and go back to his flat and put some porn on, lube up and stroke for an hour. We always cum together now and I’ve shot some big loads watching him cumming.

I think I’m still straight, or maybe I should call myself straight “ish”? Like I said, I’ve got no interest in doing anything else with him, but seeing a good solid cock being enjoyed and watching cum being pumped out is a real horny turn on for me.

Thanks for the cool site. Not into all the mutual wank posts and I think you need more pussy here with guys teaming up in threesomes, but other than that it’s good to read other guys experiences and see that there’s a lot of dudes out there just like me who just enjoy a good wank with a mate.

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