Wanking with my straight roommate – a cock stroking slave

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I’ve never been a sadistic kind of guy, always been a nice dude to know, but over the last couple of years, I’ve learned that sometimes people will take advantage of kindness and really screw you over when they get the chance.

My mate Dan is one of those guys. I call him my mate but he doesn’t act like it. He’s the kind of guy who would sell his own granny if he could.

I’ve had the misfortune of living with him for two years. I’ve put up with his bullshit all that time, had to deal with his psycho girlfriends coming around and smashing windows when they find out he fucked their sister or their mother or a best friend. I’ve had to clean up after him in all that time, picking up his towels in the bathroom, cleaning his cum off the tiles in the shower, taking his washing down from outside his room and then having to start doing his washing for him when he leaves it festering.

I finally got the upper hand last month, and it’s been great. I decided I’d had enough of his bullshit, I decided that I was gonna take control of the situation and show him that I can be a fucking asshole too.

Dan and I were at the gym when we bumped into his boss, who happens to be my old boss and a pretty good buddy of mine. It was the best accidental meeting I have ever had. I found out within those five minutes that the woman Dan has been fucking for the last six months is his boss’ wife. His boss knows someone is fucking his wife, but he doesn’t know it’s Dan.

After that accidental meeting Dan made it clear that it wasn’t just his life on the line (the boss is a mean fucker who probably wouldn’t hesitate to do time in order to severely fuck over whoever his wife is riding) it was his career too. He’s expected to be promoted this year and get a massive pay rise. To be honest, I hope that happens, it would be great to get him the fuck out of my apartment.

But, at that moment I realized I had the power, and Dan realized it too.

That evening he was cleaning the apartment. The place was spotless. The next day he took my car and got it deep cleaned. In the days after that he bought me a new TV to replace the one he cracked throwing a controller at it.

Things got really interesting when he started asking for jobs to do.

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Something happened. Maybe it was always there and I just never knew it, or maybe it was something Dan discovered at the same time, but before I knew it he was enjoying being my slave. He was acting like a butler, ordering breakfast in the mornings, waking me up with a coffee, even offering to do my own washing for me.

One evening I was in my room on my laptop, laying on my bed butt naked and watching one of my fave porn videos with a Russian chick taking a 12-inch dick in her pussy when Dan barged in. My cock was rock hard in my hand and he just stopped dead in his tracks in the doorway, staring.

After a moment he apologized and backed out of the room. I’ve never been one to be embarrassed about things like that, but I as still angry that the twat burst in like that without knocking. A moment later he knocked, I said come in, and he entered looking sheepish and said something that totally shocked me:

“Do you need a hand with that?”

I don’t know whether it was just because the power had gone to my head, but I responded:

“Yes, Dan. Come in, strip.”

He obediently followed my orders, walking into the room and quickly taking his clothes off. I’d seen him naked a thousand times before, of course. I’d seen him hard maybe once or twice early in the morning. I knew he wanked a lot, more than me.

Within seconds he was entirely naked, his long cock semi hard and reaching out in front of him. He moved onto the bed beside me and watched the video for a moment while I slowly stroked my hard 8 inches, sliding my wet foreskin back and forth over my slippery tip.

“Come on then” I said, holding my cock at the root and making it throb. Dan reached out and slowly wrapped his fingers around my shaft.

It felt incredible. I’d never had any other man touch my cock before, but I instantly knew that this was going to be the start of something.

A moment later he was kneeling on the bed beside me, his own cock hard between his thighs and oozing a dribble of precum from the tip of his foreskin, one hand sliding up and down my cock while the other grabbed my balls and gently tugged them.

I closed my eyes and savored the feeling of his hands caressing my cock and playing with my nuts, his fingers occasionally tickling my taint between my slightly parted thighs.

I reached out and curled my fingers around his own solid pink length, a nice 7 inches of flesh with a long hood over the tip that seemed to be constantly producing clear fluid. He was enjoying it so much, and so was I.

His cock felt so good in my hand, hot and hard, but soft at the same time. It was a familiar feeling, but so much more erotic to be masturbating another penis.

“That feels nice” I told him as his fingers danced around my helmet, sending a rush of pleasure through me. I reciprocated, sliding his foreskin all the way back and tickling his own wet tip. More clear nectar leaked from his puckered piss hole, dripping from my thumb and fingers as I moved it around his angry red mushroom.

We watched each other’s hands moving, switching our attention from our cocks to the porn and back again, building the pleasure between us.

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We knelt in front of each other, almost losing balance on the bed, combining our cocks in a solid mass of fuckmeat. Our slick dicks were wanked together, free hands cupping each other’s balls, our lengths rubbing together as we masturbated our shafts as though they were one.

“Make me cum” I demanded breathlessly, he obeyed. His hands grabbed my cock, his own dick twitching freely as he furiously wanked my dick in this awkward position. His fingers focused on my helmet and I felt the sharp pleasure trigger my load deep inside.

Waves of extreme bliss flowed through me in an instant and I announced my need to spew my cream. The first splash erupted out and Dan thrust his hips forward, catching my second volley all over his own cock. I took over and grabbed my dick as my third shot erupted from my enraged helmet, gushing forth and splatting all over his own cock and balls while he wanked himself, using my hot fresh cum as lube!

My dick convulsed with incredible pleasure as splash after splash of hot white milk spewed out, Dan opening his palm and collecting more, frantically gathering my load from his abs as it splashed against him, using it on his own shaft, just as his dick began to fire in turn.

As my own climax began to subside and my jizz slowed to short little pumping spurts his cock was letting loose a volley of hot pure white cream, erupting out all over my sheets between our legs. His foreskin was dripping semen as ropes of his cum flashed before my eyes. Over the sounds of his grunting, I could hear his heavy cum thumping against my bed, a fountain of man juice decorating my gray sheets with streaks and spots of white before soaking into the cotton.

I’d never seen another man climax in front of me, seeing his abs become so tight, the beads of sweat forming between his pecs, the sight of my own cum smeared all over his abs cock, dripping from his balls, matted in his pubes… it was fucking amazing and I really thought at that moment that I could cum again any second just seeing him ejaculating with such incredible force.

A few moments of gentle stroking followed as we both drained the last of our cream from our helmets and foreskins, our jizz dripping down onto the soaking wet sheet, our mess of semen resembling a monochrome Jackson Pollock painting.

“Now” I said, still a little breathless “go get me some clean sheets and put these in the wash”.

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I'm a straight/curious bro-bater living in London England. I'm 36 and work in events management. I spend my free time swimming, running, playing tennis, hiking, camping and going to the gym. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman who understands my appreciation of masturbation and my encounters with other baters. I've always enjoyed writing and putting my fantasies and experiences down in words for other baters to enjoy and I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my work here.

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