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Wanking with my mates on holiday

Submitted by D in London

I read one of your other posts about a lad who wanked with his mates on holiday and it sounded a lot like my first experience so I thought I would share it with you guys too.

I was in Spain with a couple of my mates a few years ago and we got into wanking together after a couple of days. We were at the beach and this topless girl walked past giving us all the eye and my dick got so hard. My mates were taking the piss of out me but they were getting hard too. Anyway a little bit of drunkenly flashing and comparing dicks got the ball rolling and when we went back to the hotel to get ready for a night down the pub we were all still horny and stiff.

Being naked around each other wasn’t ever a big deal for us but seeing everyone hard was different and got us into some competitive wanking.

It was all just mates having a laugh and slapping our dicks around but it started to get a bit serious when my mate Pete started cumming. I thought we would just swing our dicks around and wank off a bit and that would be it but he starts splashing cum out of laughing his ass off and before I knew it my dick was spurting off too, then our other mate started cumming.

We were just stood there all together in the middle of the bathroom aiming our cocks at the floor and firing cum out and just laughing about it.

It was an eye-opener for me that’s for sure. We went downstairs to the pub and had some more beers and chatted up a few of the local girls and then went back to the room and had another wank.

After that we had a few more wanks and had some competitions to see who could shoot further and make the most mess. We got some more pussy that weekend before coming home but me and Pete carried on wanking together whenever we got the chance.

It’s been a while since I wanked with either of the lads but I still get hard thinking about it and would really like to find some other mates closer to me to shoot some loads with. I’m not into wanking anyone else or anything like that, not yet anyway. Might do that in the future and see what it’s like though.

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