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I had a threesome with a mate and now I want to wank with him

Submitted by Anon in Brighton

“I had my first threesome last month with a mate of mine and a girl he picked up on a night out and I had a great time. I’ve always been a little bit bi and find myself checking out other guys cocks at the gym, and I wanked with a mate once when I was younger. I’ve never done anything with a guy though.

The threesome was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it I think, but now I’m a lot more curious about his cock.

We didn’t touch intentionally or anything like that we just both had our cocks touching when she was sucking us both and it felt really nice having his helmet rubbing against mine. He has a really nice looking cock too, a little thicker than mine and with nice balls.

I have a feeling he might be interested in wanking too because at the end of it we were both wanking ourselves off over her tits and the second I started cumming his cock was dumping cum out all over her too. If he shot his load watching my cock cumming does that mean he might be more into wanking with me?

I don’t want to suck cock or wank his dick for him, at least not yet, I might do that later though because the thought of feeling another hard cock really gets me so turned on too. Right now I would just love to wank with him watching porn or something and see us both just enjoying our dicks and cumming together.”

I think a lot of straight guys start off like this. Most men probably get off on seeing cock and watching a guy cumming, after all we’re kind of conditioned to with the kind of porn we watch. Have you ever seen a straight porn film that didn’t focus on the guys cocks cumming at the end?

That’s all pretty natural in my opinion, men are significantly turned on by sexual acts regardless of whether it a man or a woman. Unlike gay anal sex or cock sucking, masturbation is more acceptable, the sight of a cock ejaculating has become mainstream in porn for straight men.

It’s hard to know whether your mate would be into it, and even if he would be he might have a natural urge to refuse it for fear of it questioning his sexuality. Most men are like that unfortunately, they spend so much time worrying about the labels that they miss out on a lot of experiences they might really enjoy for fear of what it might mean about them.

All I can suggest that is that you either ask him outright (all depends on his attitudes and how you feel) or you see about manufacturing a scenario where it might happen. I know a lot of guys use porn to see if a mate might be into it. Try leaving a porn DVD out and visible the next time he’s at your place and see what happens. Chances are he would comment on it, plenty of straight guys then want to watch it. He might ask if he can borrow it, but you might be able to just put it on to watch there and then. The rest of it comes from that, it takes confidence but getting your cock out or just mentioning you need a wank might be enough to have you both jerking it.

Usually, once you’ve broken the ice you can get into plenty of shared wanks in the future, and you’re already half way there by being in a threesome together and seeing each others cocks ejaculating. Once you’ve done that the chances of becoming wank mates too are pretty good if you want that.

Good luck Anon, keep us informed!

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