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Thinking about wanking with a mate again after 15 years

Submitted by PintOfCum

I was in my 20’s when I wanked with a mate for the first time. It wasn’t a big deal to us and just one of those things lads do after a night out. We did it a few times and he used to take the piss out of me for the massive cum loads I shoot.

Never thought about it that much until recently. I broke up with the Mrs last year and I’ve been getting out there again. A couple of months ago I met a gay guy through another mate and he kept making comments about being there if I ever wanted to switch teams. I brushed him off but I’ve thought about it. I’ve heard things about guys sucking cock and how they do it better. It never really interested me to be honest.

It got me thinking about that mate back in the day and wanking off over porn together and whether he was into seeing me cumming. He used to make a lot of comments about it and when I started squirting he would start cumming straight away. Then again I think I started cumming a few times seeing his load pumping out. It was always fun never anything serious. It was just a couple of mates getting their dicks out and stroking to some pussy.

I don’t know, it’s pretty confusing. I might give wanking with a mate another go and see what happens. I do get hard thinking about me and my best mate wanking off over porn so maybe there’s more to it. That’s why I’m here. There’s something about wanking with a guy that’s just fun and chilled out. I miss that with my mate from back then.

Nothing beats a warm and wet pussy though 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Thinking about wanking with a mate again after 15 years

  • February 17, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    All guys love seeing a cock being stroked and a cum load flying out. I dont think it has a lot to do with sexuality to be honest. Maybe its better to call it a fetish but its just one that I think most guys have whether they admit it or not. If you get the chance you should wank with a mate again. You would obviously enjoy it so why not?

  • February 20, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    I think there is something incredible hot about seeing another bloke reach his sexual climax it’s something only another guy can relate too as he has experienced it also .

    I love being naked with another guy exposed and close enjoying one of the most natural ways to relax in the world


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