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2 Straight Dicks Enjoy All The Attention!

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Video title: Muscular Teens Wank & Suck Each Other’s Huge Uncut Cocks & Shoot Cum Everywhere!

Source: EnglishLads

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Who could have predicted muscle lad Jenson James would be back for more after three sessions of wanking and sucking with other guys?

All of us! lol

Big cocked Dylan Trainer is back too, experiencing his first time playing with another penis. Can we all guess this won’t be his last?

We get 2 straight dicks in this one, both hard and uncut, both loving all the hands-on attention of another guy.

Even if you’re not that into dick sucking the sight of these horny bators playing with each other’s inches and enjoying all the mutual play is gonna have you all jerking along with them.

I think it’s fair to say Jenson has worked out a few new things about himself since he arrived for his debut solo.

The lads check out each other’s swollen uncut cocks in their pants and they’re already hard when they show them.

There’s really no hesitation with these guys. Their penises are loving it all from the moment they’re released, grabbing each other by the shaft and wanking their new buddy.

Dylan is the first to get a taste.

He’s soon sucking his new friend’s hard pink meat and discovering he likes it more than he expected. His cock sure likes it, it’s throbbing the whole time!

Jenson seems eager to return the favor, working his pal’s bigger dong in his mouth for a few minutes.

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Most of the video is about the wanking, though. That’s what we’re really here for, and we get a whole lot of awesome cock-on-cock frotting while Dylan straddles his friend to combine their stiff and hot penises in a double wank that has Jenson splashing his cum out of his dick and making a hot mess on his abs.

The big guy is happy to finish off his pal with a hand job, making Dyan splash his jizz up himself.

When the lads head to the shower those swollen uncut cocks seem to be ready for a second round. The guys swing their pricks around for a little playful jousting and it seems to me they would be ready to wank more cum out of each other in minutes lol

You’re definitely gonna want to see these 2 straight dicks together. They have a whole lot of fun.

Once again, I think both have been welcomed into the BuddyBate world. There’s a good chance they’ll be meeting up with other lads for more penis play in the future, even in their private lives.

You have to admit, you would love to frot cocks with these two!

Click here and hit play on the video.

Run time: 40:30

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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