A Must See Bator Movie: Joe Gage's Lunchtime Milking Club

A Must See Bator Movie: Joe Gage’s Lunchtime Milking Club

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Movie Title: Joe Gage Sex Files Vol. 12: Lunchtime Milking Club

Run time: 1hr 33m

Studio: Dragon Media

Director: Joe Gage

Producer: Ray Dragon

Cast: Cam, Tony Bay, Dale Cooper, Shay, Jake Steele, Josh Kole

Stream now: AEBN

If you’re on social media and follow bator topics you’ve seen a lot of stills or gifs from Ray Dragon movies. You’ve probably seen a few from Lunchtime Milking Club, too and you just didn’t know it.

I can’t say I’ve seen most porn, but I’ve seen enough to know that this kind of bator play is rare.

That’s what makes his releases stand out from the crowd; Joe Gage really loves to focus on the pure masculinity of penis play between guys.

The look of Joe Gage movies really stands out, too.

The 90s style is deceptive. A lot of these movies are from the mid 00’s to 2016, but the muted colors, the set design and even the clothing the performers wear takes me right back to the early 90s.

The jeans, the tank tops, the checked boxer shorts… it all reminds me of wanking out loads with buddies back in the day lol

I’m not sure if there’s something Joe Gage does in-camera to achieve this look. Whatever it is it really works to give a kind of “retro” feel. You just don’t see it in a lot of modern porn.

One of the things I love most about the Joe Gage movies is the pure masculinity of their action.

These aren’t twink boys or smooth college jocks, although occasionally one might pop in. They’re real manly men, some of them straight, who are capable of creating some genuinely interesting and hot scenes.

There’s a lot pf focus on hard penises throbbing and twitching. We get a lot of dripping precum.

It helps that there are some great, thick, long and manly cocks being rubbed and edged in these scenes. None of you would turn down the chance to make these guys squirt their wads!

The perfect movie for bators

Lunchtime Milking Club is one of the best examples of what Mr. Gage does, in my opinion.

This hour and 33 minute movie is all about masturbation. Men wanting to get a load off head to an apartment where hands are waiting to please their meat. They kick back and let their throbbing erections be manipulated and rubbed, edged and milked, to some incredible cum splashing climaxes.

We even get a group jack off, with lucky Jake Steele stroking the cocks of two anonymous men. They can’t help but grab dicks too 🙂

There’s no big story, no overpowering music and no lame dialogue. Guys just relax in 6 scenes of hand job fun. Their desperate dongs are pleasured in experienced hands until their semen is spewing from their dick tips in impressive fashion.

It’s the kind of bator club I think we would all absolutely love to visit.

Then again, it’s the kind of bator club I wouldn’t mind starting!

One of my favorite men appearing in this collection of scenes is Tony Bay.

This straight actor started out as a nervous jock dude for another studio in New York before appearing in a few Dragon Media releases.

He’s one of those guys who mostly just wanted to get his dick played with, but it didn’t end there.

Seeing him exploring things a little and reaching out to handle another man’s cock, and seeing him cum so much when he did, is a real treat.

If you’re a bator (and I know you all are) Lunchtime Milking Club is a must see movie and one that will probably have you watching it again and again.

Click here to start streaming it now, either in full or by selected scenes.

Click here to watch Lunchtime Milking Club right now.




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1 year ago

I would love to jerk off with a good friend on a regular basis. But I love jerking off with my balls banging up and down.

1 year ago
Reply to  Brian

HOT! Me too..ball stretcher on mine!

1 year ago
Reply to  Brian

I would sure like a regular buddy to stroke with as well. Only done it once but was such a great bonding. Looking in colorado springs

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