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BuddyBate began as the “B8M8Network” in 2008, using an open-source community system much like a social media platform or dating site. Recognizing an audience of open-minded gay, bisexual, straight and simply curious adult men around the world, the site was created to be a hub or a community site for interested men to share their enjoyment and experience of masturbation, and perhaps their appreciation of enjoying it with other men.

Unfortunately, with limited resources and a growing audience, we soon outgrew the server and the site gradually became unusable.

In 2010, with a community of like-minded masturbation fans eager to see the site continue to grow, we moved to a new hosting account under the BuddyBate brand and created a forum and a blog.

Although the forum was a useful place for active members to communicate and discuss all aspects of male masturbation, the resources the forum was using in contrast to the benefits made it unsustainable too. We were simply not making enough money to cover the costs of maintaining it, managing members, monitoring content, offering assistance and encouraging discussion.

In the summer of 2018 the forum side of the site was closed and we began to focus on the blog itself, using that as a hub of information and entertainment.

Since then we’ve seen considerable growth, with thousands of new arrivals eager to explore masturbation and learn new tips and tricks. Our fiction posts have gained widespread appreciation and attention, with new arrivals eager to read more and joining our newsletter.

In September of 2018 we launched the BuddyBate button project, the first of its kind in our community. Initially starting with a simple button with a discreet design, the intent was to allow members of our community to find each other in their day-to-day lives, recognizing the secret logo (NOT our public website logo) and becoming bate buddies.

The initial plan was to launch this project exclusively for bators in London, UK, just to see how popular it was and to assess its viability. We were soon inundated with requests for shipping to the US, Germany, Canada, Australia and more.

We quickly incorporated the BuddyBate map, a way to show other readers how many buttons there were in their town or city, and thereby encouraging them to participate and get their own.

The success of this project was incredible, and we were soon shipping buttons all around the world. Members began asking for other products to display their interest to those in the know and we added stickers in various sizes, perfect for men to add to their gym water bottle or shower gel, the back of their phone, the lid of their laptop, their mailbox at home…

In 2019 we produced our first batch of metal lapel pins in the same design, which quickly sold out. We currently have a new order on the way.

This summer (July 2019) we intend to add temporary tattoos to the range, ideal for men who would like to display their interest more clearly in the gym, at the beach or the sauna/bathhouse.

The BuddyBate button project has become one of the main methods of funding our community and we hope this will continue to grow.

As an avid masturbator, we hope you’ll join us. You can start by becoming an active member and showing your appreciation for this hobby using our BuddyBate merch.

Thanks for being a part of this growing community. You only live once, if you enjoy jacking it why not experience the friendship and fun of our community of open-minded and friendly men all around the world?

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