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Bateman’s Gully Part 10 – Workplace wankers

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Part 10 of Bateman’s Gully was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. All BuddyBate fiction by Brad Smithson is now being published independently. Please click here for more information.

Excerpt of part 10:

“So how’d it go with Bill?” Harry asked, sliding his zip down and revealing his muscular body, a trail of course fur snaking up from his the top of his bushy cock over his abs to a larger patch blooming over his two pronounced pecs.

“Real chilled out, just looking through some magazines and stroking it” Liam shared, the white cotton of his vest hastily revealed, darkened with sweat from the morning’s work and revealing a little of his definition. He lowered the front of his boxer shorts, the short light brown fur leading to a thick root of pink flesh gradually exposed.

Harry gazed at the sight of his colleague’s long and pink cock as it bounced out over the waistband, his incredibly low hanging balls quickly flopped out to join his hooded meat as it began to bounce and twitch upward, arching out in front of him.

“Fuck, that’s one hell of a cock, man” Harry complimented, his own seven-incher hastily revealed without shame or discretion, the flared red tip ripe and wet, the thick shaft already bulging with blue veins beneath tanned skin. Harry reached in further to lift out his heavy nuts, their swollen shape a mass of darker flesh with prominent wrinkles stretching from the root of his hairy meat to disappear around the generous orbs within the sack.

“Thanks man, seems a lot of guys like seeing it” he laughed “eight inches, before you ask” he said, proudly, bouncing the length in his palm.

In the cab of the truck thirty feet away Frank briefly glanced away from the movie playing on the small screen mounted to the dash, catching sight of movement in the shadows between the containers at the side of the building. He leaned closer to the dirty glass, peeking between the rough material of the ill-fitting curtains to see Harry and Liam standing facing each other, their hands slowly sliding along their exposed cocks.




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