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Bateman’s Gully Part 14 – A mouth is a mouth, a hand a hand

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Part 14 of Bateman’s Gully was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. All BuddyBate fiction by Brad Smithson is now being published independently. Please click here for more information.

Excerpt of part 14:

Harry didn’t look up, but his heart pounded in his large chest for a second at the thought of what his friend was suggesting “nah man, it’s all good”

“no, really, I think we should equal things out” Dave reached out, his open palm facing up in a friendly gesture “It’s only fair”.

Harry contemplated slapping his friend’s hand away, but he really didn’t want to. “It’s gonna be fucking weird, man” he said, his voice barely disguising his obvious approval as he stared at the fleshy calloused creases of flesh being presented. He felt a duty to deny the urge, but he knew he wanted to experience it, he knew the sensation of jacking his buddy had stuck with him and played out a hundred times in his mind.

“Look man” Dave said, almost demanding “you jacked me, by accident… allegedly” his tone was mocking “it’s cool man, we’ve dealt with this shit and it’s all good. I’ll get you off and we’ll be even”.

Harry wasn’t an idiot. While his buddy of more than a decade had always been stubbornly fair-minded he could tell he was as curious as he’d been. He wanted it, too. It would be easier if they just went with it and enjoyed the pleasure of a friendly hand, he certainly didn’t want to reignite the weirdness they’d shared already and he was fearful turning down the offer risked that more than would be the case if he just accepted it.

He turned slowly, just a few inches to his right, presenting his turgid length like a rude baton being passed to a relay partner, the tip pointing upward with the solidity of his curving, slender erection as the long and thick vein snaking from his pubes to his glans pulsated with urgency.




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