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Bateman’s Gully Part 16 – On duty dick-pleaser

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Part 16 of Bateman’s Gully was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. All BuddyBate fiction by Brad Smithson is now being published independently. Please click here for more information.

Excerpt of part 16:

A second swollen tip appeared, the larger round shape purple and damp, two prominent red lips surrounding a gaping hole where a generous bead of clear nectar oozed out and quickly dripped down, hugging the crease extending from the piss hole to where the folds of foreskin met beneath the end.

The uncut cock was one of the meatiest either had ever seen, one of the thickest, and as the shape tapped against the head of Dave’s cock and eased through the hole, smearing his dick with the natural lubricant issuing from the end of it they realized how long it was, too.

The two men stroked themselves and watched as the manhood invaded their cubicle, its girth filling the rounded hole, the fat length of the shaft almost perfectly horizontal while thick veins snaked along the pipe of tanned flesh.

Dave stepped backward avoiding the toilet bowl and butting up against the back partition where a second unnoticed hole breathed in stale air from the only other cubicle in the room. His left hand reached up to Harry’s back, a gentle encouraging push between his shoulders leading him to bridge the space with one step. His cock twitched and slapped against the offered member, the instant twinge of pleasurable heat flooding through his erection to his heavy fat balls hanging from his open jeans. He gazed down to the large cock, his left hand circling the wide meat, his fingers closing around it. He tugged slowly, the folds of foreskin glistening with viscous juice as the hood slipped over the rotund end to form a wrinkled spout, quickly drenched with more pre.

He wanked himself in time with his hand on the presented schlong, their tips sliding around each other while he paused to bump and rub them together, the folds of extra skin over the other man’s cock gooey and slick against his own rounded shape.

It was hard for the stranger to fuck his fist while he held it still, the thickness of his erection filling the hole so snugly. The skin slid back and forth for a few moments in his wet hand while his own dick issued little waves of pleasure throughout his muscled body. After so long stroking his cock in the truck on the way, the sight of his friend’s dick in his hand beside him and the need to reach out and feel it, he needed to cum so badly, but he knew he should wait.

The cock slipped backward, easing out of the hole as light filled the circle again. Harry looked to his friend, a wicked smile playing on Dave’s face. He glanced back to see a chin, lips, a pink tongue reaching from a welcoming mouth in expectation of a cock to fuck it.




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4 years ago

Loving the stories there. The City Adventues one was fucking horny and the father in law story made me cum all over the place twice! lol

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