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Best mate wanking sessions were a highlight of my 20’s

Submitted by Andy

My best mate wanking sessions were probably like a lot of other guys reading this. I wasn’t sure whether to submit my experience because it’s so similar to others but I thought what the fuck and did it anyway.

I was living with my best mate from 2008 to 2010 after I moved out of my parents house and less than a month into living there we were sharing wanks regularly.

It started when I caught him watching porn one night in the living room and I didn’t even notice that he was wanking when I walked in. I was a little hammered after a night down the pub and I was a bit pissed off that he didn’t come down too. I just walked in ready to bitch at him about not answering his phone and there was porn playing on the TV. I just sat down and it wasn’t until a few minutes later I noticed he had his cock in his hand lol

He was never shy and I’d seen his cock plenty of times before, but seeing him wanking himself off was totally new.

I didn’t do anything, just made my excuses and went up to bed. Of course I wanked one out before bed too.

A week later I mentioned going to the pub and he made excuses so I cracked a joke about him wanting to stay at home and wank, and he basically admitted it. I went to the pub and had one pint and then headed back again and caught him with his dick out.

This time I got my cock out too. That was the first time we wanked together, watching porn and stroking our dicks. We did it a lot more after that, pretty much every week we found time to enjoy some pussy porn and stroke our dicks together. It was great seeing him shooting his cum and it always got me cumming hard. Gradually we got used to physical contact too. It started with comparing cocks side-by-side then became a sword fight, then it was frotting. I guess after about three or four months we were occasionally wanking each other off.

When I moved out things changed and I missed a lot of the fun. I still think about that and when I meet up with him for a pint or something I always try to think of ways we can get some wanking time in. We’re both in committed relationships now but I would still love to be able to go over there and stroke our dicks to some porn. Maybe one day we’ll both be in the right place at the right time and get some cum out.

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