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These best mates have a lot of fun wanking each other off!

SITE REVIEWWe all knew it was coming, and now the gallery is on the site we’re all gonna be desperate to see the video! We probably don’t have long to wait, but it’s gonna be worth it either way.

Straight mates Noah Milton (on the left) and Hugo Jones have been in their solo wank off debut videos already, each making an appearance in the other’s and showing off their hard cocks together, so I think we guessed that these two would be down for sharing a proper wank.


Straight best mates wanking each other

VIDEO: These two straight best mates are definitely closer than ever before thanks to this mutual wank!

Best friends Hugo Jones and Noah Milton got right into showing off their uncut cocks for each other in their debut wank videos, but we couldn’t wait to see the friends grabbing each other and wanking those cocks. The video is finally here, with Noah and Hugo stroking their boners, frotting their lengths together, giving each other a lot of stroking before they watch each other splashing their cum out over themselves! Click the title above to see the video.

After enjoying all the pics on the site for this new one I can definitely say these two lads had a great time shooting this one.

The mates are just playing, rubbing their cock bulges together, then getting their hard uncut dicks out and showing them off. A little tentative mutual wanking and the boys are really getting into it, frotting their hard dicks together, sliding each other’s foreskins over those helmets, slapping their lengths together in some playful sword fighting!

This is what it’s like with two willing horny mates wanking each other off and enjoying their cocks together, and by the end of it, their cum loads are proving they had a whole lot of fun.

Noah splashes out a load first, then the two go back inside and Hugo rubs a great cum load out, which gets his best mate rubbing another load of cum from his cock too 🙂

I know I don’t have a lot of pics to share with you guys from this one, but rest assured this gallery is definitely worth checking out and I know you’re all gonna be looking forward to the video when it arrives.

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One thought on “These best mates have a lot of fun wanking each other off!

  • August 1, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    Both of these guys are great but Hugo Jones is amazing. Love the way he was so into it and enjoying himself. I wonder where he is now and why he’s not making more videos? He was obviously enjoying wanking with his mate.


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