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Which Masturbators are currently trending for lock-down fun?

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As usual, BlokeToys is our go-to online retailer for masturbators. They’ve worked with us for more than ten years and they have so much to offer the avid cock stroker.

We reached out to them this morning to get a rundown of some of the most popular toys guys are currently buying to make their lock down a little more fun. Check out what’s currently hitting the top of the charts for wank toys.

Zolo Glide Cup

The Zolo cups quickly became a staple for the guys who love their compact toys with intense inner textures. This awesome addition to the shop quickly became a best-seller thanks to some good reviews out there online. CLICK TO CHECK IT OUT

TENGA Ripple Air-Tech Twist Cup Masturbator

Like the Zolo, above, the TENGA brand released their incredible new “Air-Tech Twist” cups to global acclaim and they soon became a popular addition to many men’s toy collections. You just need to look at the inner design of this toy to know that it’s gonna work your cock to the extreme, and that’s before you get to the suction and adjustable snugness. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS.

Colt Hand Job Stroker

As we’ve always said, sometimes the most simple toys can deliver the best results. The Colt Hand Job stroker might seem inconsequential, but this reversible soft sleeve offers two different options for your jack off pleasure. Pick the smooth side for a slick and slippery slide with lots of lube, or the tickler side for an amazing wank that’ll have you squirting. It’s also a great toy for two guys to share, stretching it out and giving you an opportunity to frot your dicks inside. CLICK FOR YOURS.

Vulcan Plus Vibration Tight Mouth Masturbator

The Vulcan range was welcomed by all the fans of cup style toys, but this one comes with something extra. Initiate the vibrating bullet and experience additional sensations along with the tight opening and tunnel within and the added sucking created by the internal vacuum. We know of at least two guys who enjoy using these in the showers at the gym, because they look so discreet, like a bottle of shower gel! CLICK TO CHECK IT OUT.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Clear

It goes without saying that Fleshlight is one of the most famous sex toy brands in the world. Some of you might remember their big and bulke Fleshlights from when they first started, but things have definitely evolved since then. The doughnut design of the Quickshot was a marked change in their style, but it soon became a fan fave. Open-ended and with a very soft and well-textured ring within, this toy gives you an interesting experience and provides a way for two buddies to enjoy some head-to-head combat within. GET YOURS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT AGAIN.

BlokeToys has been pretty busy lately, but they’re managing to keep on top of orders pretty well. They’re still shipping around the world and you can expect to get your toys within two weeks, one week for customers in the UK.

We hope you’ll check them out if you’re looking for something new and fun to make your stay at home a little more interesting!




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2 years ago

I highly recommend any type of fleshlight sleeve. Because, you can also use it for trying frottage. It stretches enough for two long hard lived up cocks to fit inside. There are so many different types of sleeves for stroking oneself, and they each have a different texture on the inside. Single use sleeves are the best, if you don’t have anyone to try frottage with.

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