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Bobby’s Thick Dick

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Submitted by Hicks

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I never thought I was much of a curious guy. Never really thought about sexuality much at all and I’ve always been all about the pussy. But I also know a good looking cock when I see one. I like good porn with big dicks and big cum shots. I think most guys are like that though.

My curiosity really started when I saw my mate Bobby’s cock for the first time.

We’ve been friends for about three years since we started working together for the local council. Our job is outdoors a lot so we take piss breaks when we can. We’re not supposed to piss in public but we do all the time. When you’re out in a park or on the edge of town doing a job cleaning up fly tipping or something you just take a leak and get back to it. There aren’t many public toilets.

Two years ago we were on a job in a place like that and went to go and take a piss by some trees and then Bobby shows up right next to me and gets his cock out to take a piss too.

That was the first time I saw his cock.

You guys know we all look. When a guy gets his dick out you check it out and see what it’s like. He was probably looking at my dick too. It’s just one of those things.

I’ve looked at loads of cocks like that, just standing at the urinals and taking a piss, looking around and checking out what other guys are packing.

This was different because Bobby has got one of the thickest cocks I’ve ever seen on any guy. I couldn’t stop looking at it while we were both pissing. He was just talking about where we were going for lunch but I kept checking out his cock and watching it. I don’t think he noticed but I could feel an erection coming on.

I never had anything like that happen before but his cock was just so fucking perfect. It’s the kind of dick that always looks like it’s about to get hard any second. His tip is fat underneath the foreskin and I could see the outline of it under the hood.

When he shook it it was like a heavy fat snake waving around.

After that I thought about it for a while. I started wondering what it looked like hard. How big he gets and that kind of thing.

Since then I’ve probably seen his cock ten times. Most of those were piss breaks or in the toilets at the pub but once he was staying at my place for a couple of days and he came out of the bathroom completely naked with his cock semi hard and swinging around. He just came up to my office door (I work on a business from home too) and was talking to me while he was drying his hair and his cock was just swinging around. I could tell he was half hard and I knew he just had a wank in the shower.

I’ve never wanked with anyone and I don’t think I would have the balls to find someone to wank with but if Bobby suggested it tomorrow I would get my cock out in a second. I can imagine his cock looks even more amazing when he’s hard and I bet he can cum a lot too. I’ve wanked off thinking about it loads of times and even find myself wondering what it would feel like to wank him off.

BuddyBate is a good release for me, I like reading about other guys’ experiences and it kind of gives me hope that one day we might have the right opportunity. Maybe we’ll watch porn or something and then he’ll just get it out and start wanking and then I can join in with him and we can watch each other cum.

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2 years ago

Fuck man, that’s hot! Invite him over and put some porn, he looks like the kind of guy who will appreciate it!

2 years ago

One of my buddies has a big cock like that too and I’ve seen it loads of times. Never jacked it with anyone but I think about it a lot. Would love to rub dicks with him. Thanks for sharing your story.

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