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Book Of Bate – Vol. 1 has arrived!

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The highly anticipated first edition of the Book Of Bate anthologies has arrived, ready for you to download right now.

Join the adventure in a series of exclusive tales, with ten great original stories, more than 77,000 words over 200+ pages.


Ben is the new boy on the football team and he has skills which seem to extend far beyond the pitch. Fellow player Paul can’t believe the size of his cock when he first sees Ben’s impressive manhood in the showers, but although none of the other players seem to notice it he can’t help but stare. Caught ogling the new arrival he soon discovers that while Ben might be quiet and just want to fit in, when he catches him outside of the team environment he reveals a different side to himself.


After years of making do and surviving while paying off his student debts, Adam has finally relented and agreed with his girlfriend that it’s time to look the part at the office and invest in some good suits. On the recommendation of a friend he visits the best tailor in town, where he meets smart and professional Luka. Unaware of common practice, and with his long cock hanging down one leg, his mixed messages lead Luka to welcoming Adam to the world of bator fun.


Most of his friends know the rumors about Hand Job Harry, but although none of them really believed it Lucas soon discovers that the local gossip among his peers is true. With his exhibitionist friend Ryker leading him into greater explorations he finds himself nervously attending his neighbor’s home, welcomed inside by Hand Job Harry to participate in what the local man does best.


Being one of the youngest new recruits on the force he was probably an easy choice, it’s not like he could complain much when the Sargent designated him and his partner to the resurgent cruising beat. It would be their job to check on all the places men gathered, the public toilets and wooded areas where guys met to wank, suck dicks and more besides. He was determined to get a head start, so to speak. His “research” in the evening, creeping into one of the most renowned toilets in the area, would end up giving him more than just a lay of the land before heading out with his partner on patrol.


The subway is always a strange place, but on a Thanksgiving morning with few people around it can get even stranger. Minding his own business with his earbuds in on his way for an early shift at the shop he spies the man opposite him, a loose nut hanging from the open leg of his shorts. He takes a photo and sends it to his buddy Dan. What happens next, however, is not something he’s ever likely to share with his buddy, unless he finds out he’s into big cocks and jacking it with guys, too.


Fraternity traditions have changed a lot over the years, but some of the best have survived while kept secret from those on the outside. For one Fraternity the act of participating in the sport of Wrestling, rather than Baseball, is one deserving of mock punishment, the kind that no participant seems to fear. The ceremonial jock strap is placed on the top of an upturned bucked in the basement while the participants gather, cocks in hands, loads swelling for release. One by one they release their pent up spooge, drenching the jock for the subject of their torment to wear while he runs laps of the Frat house.


Of all the scenarios he’d imagined he never thought that a guy he already knew would be the first to recognize the discreet BuddyBate T-shirt he’d gotten into the habit of wearing. He usually kept it for the gym, but a surprise invite to hang out with the guys leads to a chance revelation with a buddy and his first experience of jacking another man’s meat and frotting their shafts together.


Louis is looking forward to building the landscaping company with his good buddy Jim. They have a great new client, loaded with cash and with hundreds of contacts ready to become potential leads. With their client away from the house they can take their time, but after checking out the old shed and discovering a bag of porn magazines the two friends are soon taking more time than they expected, jacking off in the sun and spilling their seed together every chance they get.


Famed for his discreet shoots with sportsmen and Hollywood actors, he’s a photographer with a difference. Known for his close-up photography celebrating the pleasure of masturbation he depicts his subjects from knee to waist, their identities secret. This gallery show is about to become the most successful yet, but not merely for the images adorning he walls. The interactive exhibit at the back of the gallery is ready to invite anonymous men from the audience to create their own art, cocks in hands and cum loads slinging.


Away from the barracks and with a spot to eat and camp for the night the two men make the most of the opportunity afforded by the training exercise. With dicks freed for a piss it’s not long before erections are throbbing and horny histories being shared. It makes a nice change from quick strokes in a cubicle or a nut busted in the showers, but it’s not long before Jackson reveals he has a way of making their rare jacking opportunity a little more interesting.

Read all of these exclusive stories right now. Click here to get your copy of the Book Of Bate Vol. 1 and start your collection. Vol. 2 is available by clicking here




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2 years ago

Haven’t even finished this one and I’m already looking forward to Book of Bate 2. Loved the Gallery Show story. So good it made me cum twice! lol

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