Brothers Jacking Off Together – Benny And Bobby Spurt Their Loads

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Video title: Benny & Bobby

Studio: BelAmi

Is it common for brothers to get their dicks out and jack off together? I don’t have any brothers so I’m not sure, but I know there are a few examples out there of horny brothers getting naked and wanking out some loads (the EnglishLads videos with Andy Lee and his brother Patrick really stand out!)

I watched this scene with Bobby and Benny this morning and I felt like you guys would probably appreciate it.

These two are sporty boys, they’ve been involved in hockey for a long time, so I guess they’re probably used to environments where dicks are swinging.

We all know from our own experiences that a lot of guys who are used to sporting environments and the group showers that come with it are usually significantly more open minded when it comes to getting hard and jacking off in the company of their friends.

This is the first time these two have jacked off together, though.

The two really aren’t shy. They tell us about themselves and each other. Bobby (the guy on the left) is the wild one who likes sex in public and doesn’t like commitment, while Benny is the one who has a partner.

As soon as their dicks are out the two are comparing. There’s no measuring or anything like that, but like all guys when there’s another cock in the room they like to look and see how it compares to theirs.

With their cocks swelling the uncut brothers get to work and it’s not long before they’re showing off two hard boners and wanking their meat in their hands, getting a good look at how their brother is playing with his.

It’s not a long session, but it’s fun to watch them spurting their cum out and playing with their creamy loads on their stomachs.

Even though it’s the first time they’ve seen each other stroking it and spurting I don’t think it’s the last time. I can imagine that once you’ve wanked one out with your brother it’s easier to share it again in the future.

Why wouldn’t you? lol

Click here to watch the video.

Run time: 12:32

Click for the video
Click for the video

Studio: BelAmi

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