BuddyBate Merch is Growing!

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We have BuddyBate community members Aaron21 and JimmyDong to thank for this! After the ongoing success of the BuddyBate buttons, stickers and pins, and the popularity of the new BuddyBate T-Shirt, we’ve decided to expand the range with a couple of excellent new products!

BuddyBate Face Masks

Yeah, we know we’re a little late to this particular movement but more than a few of you have been asking for a mask to wear when you’re out and about. While (hopefully) the need for them is quickly becoming a thing of the past we know a lot of you will prefer to continue wearing a mask in certain circumstances.

While many jack off clubs are now open again most are requiring masks to be worn at least for the time being, so why not get one with a purpose?

Wear it at the bar or club and maybe a fellow bator will notice?

The new BuddyBate mask features the community logo as seen on the T-Shirts and we know this is going to be a popular option for many of you.

They’re available on pre-order now and are expected to ship at the end of July.


6GB USB Flash Drive

This was an interesting idea that we loved so much we had to make it happen!

How many times have you met up with a new bator buddy and spent an hour looking for something to jack off to together? We all have our fave media and it can be a real hassle logging in on someone else’s laptop or finding the right website in the heat of the moment.

This 6GB BuddyBate USB Flash drive is a convenient little gadget to have. Load it up with your fave movie or video clips and take it with you when you next meet up with a buddy.

Or just keep it at home as a special place to store some of your best inspiration.

The design features the same multiple logo seen on the face mask and the popular T-Shirts.

They’re available to order right now, with shipping to begin toward the end of July.


BuddyBate Community T-Shirt

It was the first of its kind and it’s proven to be very popular!

The BuddyBate T-Shirt has been shipping for the last month and we’re just about out of stock, there’s a couple more Large and Extra Large left to go.

This might be your last chance to get your hands on one. We’re still not sure if we’ll be bringing this design back on a T-Shirt or perhaps trying out another design.

If you want one you’d better get in there quick and order yours before they’re gone!


It’s been a real adventure creating these awesome items for our community and it seems you’ve all been enjoying them too.

When we started out with the BuddyBate button project we were amazed by the response and it’s been awesome hearing stories from community members who’ve formed new friendships with new guys thanks to them displaying their community credentials.

Now that everyone is getting back out there again we hope we can continue this adventure. We look forward to hearing from more of you about how you found a new bate buddy at the pub because of the T-Shirt he was wearing or a new friend at the gym because of the sticker on his water bottle.

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  • July 6, 2021 at 8:52 pm

    Nice, just ordered a mask and flash drive. really like how the flash drive looks


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