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As you know, we’re always trying to think of other things you guys might like to show off your love of bating with other men in a discreet way.

More than one of our readers asked us if we could get some temporary tattoos they could wear at the beach, or the gym, or the sauna, showing off their appreciation of the stroke and advertising their interest to potential bate buddies.

Well, we’re glad to say that we have a short run of BuddyBate temporary tattoos now available!

They’re easy to apply and can last a couple of days depending where you position them, but they can be easily removed with a little warm soapy water and some scrubbing.

They’re perfect if you have the opportunity to share some open showers or a locker room with others, letting you advertise your interest in a discreet way that only other bators might recognize, but we thought you guys might want to start arranging your own local meet-ups at men’s clubs and saunas etc.

These are a great way for you to find each other in such places, just put the word out in advance that you’re planning a meet-up there, tell everyone to come with a tattoo on display, and you’ll likely soon have a small gathering at your chosen men’s club, sex club, sauna, cinema… all ready to get down to some good handwork.

We’re currently shipping them in packs of 5, and we don’t have many of them left, so make sure you get yours now if you want to try them out and see what they’re like!

Who knows, maybe the next time you go to the gym or beach someone will see that logo and you’ll have a new bro to share your bate with!


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