BuddyBate Buttons

Ever wondered if that guy behind the bar would be interested in rubbing one out over porn with a pal? Ever thought that friend you’ve known for a couple of years might be down for stroking but you haven’t been able to ask? The BuddyBate buttons give them, and you, a chance to subtly display your interest and find guys at random in your local area. Using this map of anonymized data you can see how many buttons/badges have been delivered to visitors of the site in every city and town around the world! Check it out, and get yours today if you haven’t already.


(If the map is greyed out it can still be used as normal)

What are BuddyBate Buttons?

Wouldn’t it be great if, wherever you went, you could discreetly display your love of bating and your desire to find buddies to enjoy it with?

There are baters all around the world, in your city/town

We know from the visitor data we see every month that there are hundreds of thousands of horny strokers all around the world, in cities as big as London, Paris and New York, and as small as Lubbock TX, Alexandria MN, and even Grand Junction CO. This number is only growing. There are millions of men who really want to meet up with other men for friendly sessions of porn watching and perhaps mutual bating, and we want to find them all and get a button to them!

With BuddyBate buttons you can subtly signal to others in-the-know that you’re interested in exploring this hobby with other guys. A discreet design unique to us and not advertised anywhere else on the internet allows you to wear your interest for other potential baters to see.

Discreet, affordable, unique.

Imagine going to the gym with one on your t-shirt and finding another guy wearing the same. Consider the possibility of heading to class on campus and passing another guy with a button on his bag. Think about the opportunities of going out for a drink and seeing a guy sitting at the next table with one pinned to his jacket.

You immediately know where he got it from, and he likely knows of your interest too thanks to the identical button you’re wearing.

What do they look like?

The badges are a simple design with our site colors, and an innocuous text suggesting involvement in a “Social Club”, but that’s all. You could make up any story you like for random inquiring minds, but for those familiar with it, with a button of their own, there’s an immediate understanding.

Why the BuddyBate map?

Instead of simply hoping that some interested or curious guys in your immediate area have a button and that you might encounter them at some time, we’ll provide access to the BuddyBate map (above).

While we of course won’t be sharing any personal identifiable data (it goes without saying that the points on the map will not correspond to any physical address), visitors will be able to see how many guys in their local area have purchased one. Just by looking at the interactive map you’ll be able to see that 150 have been sent to readers in Brooklyn NY, that we’ve sent 66 to guys in Ames IA, or that 38 men in Lethbridge Alberta could be going about their day wearing one.

Who knows, maybe your closest friends and colleagues will suddenly be wearing one, opening the door to a new level of camaraderie.

Not only will the map give you a great indicator of how many men in your local vicinity you could encounter for some interesting times, it’s a great way to encourage others to buy their own button. As you can imagine, if a visitor to the site really wants to bate with someone and they see that another 100 men in their town or city are down for it, they’re gonna want a button too!

What else?

The BuddyBate button is a trial, a test to gauge popularity. If our buttons sell well and it becomes a regular source of funding for the site we’ll be rolling out new designs and new products for you to subtly display your interest in other ways, too. We’re looking into selling tie pins, cuff links, stickers, t-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs and more. Our hope is that one day we’ll have a shop for you to browse with a large collection of products with the same/similar unique design, allowing you to display your interest in various environments and scenarios. After all, you never know where you might encounter a fellow bater looking for someone to share their hobby with!



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