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Camping Teens Rubbing Dicks

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Submitted by Nikos

My family was always into camping and when I graduated high school we had a trip planned. It was going to be me, my sister and my parents, but I persuaded them to let my best friend come with us. He didn’t have a tent so we were going to share mine.

I didn’t know we would become jack off buddies on this trip but I suppose when you get two 18 year old boys together in a tent in the woods for 3 days dicks are going to be out and hard.

It helped that my best friend decided to bring a porn magazine with him.

He was that friend who was always getting me into trouble so I don’t think my parents liked him much. He was the one who gave me my first cigarette to try (I threw up), he was the one who stole a beer from his dad and we shared it in the woods behind his house, he was the one who got a porn magazine from his brother and jacked off in front of me in those same woods.

We’d seen each other’s dicks loads of times but that was the first time I ever saw another guy hard and jacking. I’d seen other guys at school with boners in the showers and stuff like that but seeing a guy jacking it was new.

So he showed me the magazine as soon as we set up the tent but it was that night after dinner when we all went to bed that he got it out again and we were looking through it silently. My parents were just a few feet away so we had to be quiet.

We were just wearing boxers so our dicks were soon rock hard and poking out and he started jacking off. I just joined in with him and then we were just sitting there looking at all the titties and pussies in the magazine (there were some huge cocks too) and we were rubbing our dicks.

We didn’t say anything but he reached over and offered to jack my cock and I let him. It was amazing. I was still a virgin and even my girlfriend at the time never touched my dick so I was almost ready to finish as soon as he started stroking me. I reached out and grasped his cock and started jacking him. His dick was thicker than mine and it felt weird but hot to jack another dick.

I think we only lasted a few minutes before we were finishing and our semen was squirting everywhere.

I can still cum a lot but when I was 18 I could squirt so much spooge. He was the same. I guess most guys could cum a lot when they were that age. There was so much spooge it was everywhere. We tried to clean up but our sleeping bags were soggy with all the cum and we had to turn them over and sleep on top of them. lol

So that was my first time jacking it with a friend but we jacked off another 4 times before we packed up and went home. After that we were jacking off almost every day and we even tried sucking too. I think that was the best years of my teens. I jacked it with a couple guys in college but it wasn’t the same as jacking it with him.

He still lives in his parents old house so whenever I go back to town we meet up and jack off like the old days. We’re both married so we have to keep it on the down low but we always find time to meet and jack it whenever we get together. It’s usually about twice a year and it’s the best time.

I’m lucky. I’ve met other bators who didn’t keep in touch with their bator friends from back in the day and they regret it. It’s great having that kind of long term friendship where you can just get right back into playing with your dicks whenever you meet 🙂

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1 year ago

This is almost exactly how I started wanking with friends but it was just me and my mate going camping in the woods and we spent a whole night just rubbing cocks and squirting. Back then I could cum again and again and we just rubbed our dicks until we were sore and our balls hurt lol

1 year ago

It’s great to have memories like that to look back fondly upon.
Glad to hear that you still catch up with him from time to time to get naked and stroke hard cocks together.

1 year ago

Thanks for telling about your camping trip with your best friend. It’s great to hear that after all these years you guys are still Bate-Buddys! JO buds can always be the best of friends, for life… You and He are proof of that!

Your story is a good reminder for all of us… to Keep in Touch with our Buddies! And, to reach out to the ones we’ve drifted apart from. Because, after all, we Know they’re Still jackin’ it, just like us!

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