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As you know we considered shutting BuddyBate down a little while ago, but things have been picking up again on the blog and I wanted to take this opportunity to let all our regular readers and the new visitors know how you can help to keep this site going and growing!

1. Sign up to one of the sites we promote

We’re porn fans, we love seeing guys enjoying their cocks and sharing their dicks with their mates. We post porn from sites like English Lads, Chaos Men, Sean Cody, Maskurbate and Joshua Armstrong because they all have great cock stroking scenes we know you guys would love to check out. We don’t just promote their videos because they’re horny, when you click through and join their site we get a little cut of that cash and it helps us to keep the blog going. You get some great wanking videos and we get a bit of that money for sending you there. So, if you want to help out sign up to one of those sites and get some great porn too!

2. Buy from BlokeToys

We love the guys at BlokeToys, they’ve helped us out plenty of times over the years and we have a great relationship. It helps us out if you buy products from them, whether that’s lube or cock rings or masturbators. If you’re looking around for something fun to make your wanks or sessions with friends and partners a little more interesting then we hope you’ll consider using them. They’re great to us and their customers, they offer free UK delivery and free lube with every order over £20, and they have an amazing range of sex toys for guys too.

3. Comment on blog posts

You might not think it makes a difference but it really does. Not only does it boost the writer of the post to see the opinions of the readers, it encourages more discussion which in-turn encourages more comments. It also helps with sites like Google, their robots see when posts are updated with comments and it responds by giving the site more credibility, bringing it further toward the top of search results. By just giving a few words on a post you can really make a difference to the writers and the site as a whole.

4. Share these posts out there

You would not believe how much of a boost a site like ours can get when you share a post on Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit or any one of the many sites out there. We can see anything from 50 extra visits to a few hundred from just one share. You don’t need to out yourself and post through your own account, you can create another for adult content if you like, it’s easy. Just sharing a fiction post, a readers experience, or one o the porn posts to a site like Tumblr could result in another 5 people joining one of the sites we promote, which then pays us to keep the blog going. I hope you’ll consider dedicating yourself to sharing posts from now on.

5. Be involved and share your own experiences

We created the Experiences posts for readers to submit their own content for us to share with the other readers, and plenty of you have taken this up and started sending us some great experiences, fantasies, fiction etc. We would love to see this continue. It doesn’t matter whether your a 20-something college guy regularly wanking with a buddy or a 60-something straight man with a fetish for tugging it outside, we want to know about it and we want to share that with the other readers. You don’t need to be a risk-taking mutual wanker with a long history of interesting experiences, you can just share your last wank, your best wank, an opinion, a statement… whatever you want to submit for sharing is okay by us – just remember the usual rules we all know about, we won’t be publishing anything dubious.


Share with Buddies!
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7 years ago

Doing my best to comment on things and submitted my own experience too. Hopefully I can add more. Can’t afford to join a site and I can’t share anything on FB and Twitter but I might start a Tumblr about wanking 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  Dean

Thanks for your efforts Dean, I appreciate it! 🙂

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