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Catching his college roommate jerking off

Submitted by WankFan

Midterms were due and Jimmy was freaking out. He’d done the work, put in the hours, it should all be fine, but still he was stressed. It didn’t help that he hadn’t jerked off for days. Ever since coming to school two months before his jerking routine had been hindered. Getting ten minutes just to stroke one out was almost impossible. He knew most of the guys went to beat their meat in the showers, and he knew his buddy Kellan had made a deal with his roommate to give each other half an hour every couple of days to rub one out in the room, but Jimmy hadn’t had the balls to make any such deal with his roommate Tom and his limited time in the showers just wasn’t enough for him.

The most he had was nights like this when the lights were out and his cock was hard and leaking, his roommate Tom snoring from his bed fifteen feet away. He was still quiet, still frantic and always rushing through it, pumping his unsatisfactory cum load into a sock.

His jerk off sessions had never been this sporadic and quick before. Jimmy was used to edging, going at his dick for at least half an hour, sometimes longer. He was a dedicated jerk off fanatic, even when he had some pussy to fuck regularly he was always spending time enjoying his own meat.

Like most nights, Jimmy lay there with his hard cock twitching and begging for a stroke while he thought about Jenny’s pussy, wet and welcoming, warm and slick as he slid into her. He missed her real bad. Sometimes just thinking about her perfect tits and what it was like eating her out was enough to make him start involuntarily cumming all over himself. He couldn’t help thinking about her even though he knew he might cum all over his sheets.

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He rolled over, peering through the dark and contemplating stroking his long meat under the sheets, and that’s when he noticed Tom.

He knew immediately he was jerking off.

The moonlight streamed in through the open window behind Tom’s bed almost giving him a spotlight. The blanket over his big muscled body was rising slowly, then back down as his hand slid up and down his big cock beneath.

Jimmy knew Tom had a big cock. Although they weren’t real close friends they’d bonded a little over sports and Tom was one of those easy-going Rugby playing guys who just didn’t seem to give a shit about much. He always walked around the room in just his boxers, his big cock bulging out. Some of his shorts were so tight Jimmy could see the shape of his cock head.

He’d thought about it. Jimmy knew he was a little curious. It was mostly about that dick and his own horniness. He didn’t look at Tom in any romantic way and there was no urge to make out with him or anything like that. All Jimmy knew was that the thought of Tom’s big cock made him hard, the idea of seeing that big cock spewing cum out make him throb a little harder, just like he was now.

He grabbed his cock, watching his roommate jerking off beneath his sheets and almost willing him in his mind to fling the covers away and show his long meat.

Bizarrely, it seemed to work. Jimmy was a little surprised when moments later Tom slid the covers away to inspect his own shaft. He was on full display, his 9 inches of hard Rugby player cock solid in his fist as he pumped up and down. His other hand caressed his wrinkled balls as he masturbated, eyes closed and probably thinking about his girlfiend’s tight and wet pussy.

She was a cheerleader, of course. Jimmy had seen a couple of photos of her in her uniform and more than once got hard thinking about what it would be like to fuck her.

Now, here he was, not jerking off over the cheerleader, but actually jerking off to the sight of her big muscled boyfriend tugging his 9-inch cock just feet away from him!

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Jimmy’s cock was aching for release already. His dick head was wet with precum and the little spit he’d used. His balls were pulling up tight as he slowly stroked himself beneath his sheets. He was so close, but he didn’t want to cum until he saw that big dick squirting.

He wondered what it would be like. Would Tom dribble a thick hot load that he could barely see, or would he gush a giant fountain of jock cum all over himself?

He had to let go of his dick for a while to make it last, taking a pause as the sound of Tom breathing heavily whispered around the otherwise silent room. He barely stopped himself in time, grabbing his balls and putting pressure on his taint as a dribble of cum seeped from his cock head and dripped over the sheets. He held back, just in time.

Finally, it began. Tom paused, just for a moment. Jimmy grabbed his cock and stroked a little more, feeling the pleasure rise instantly and his long dick becomre rock solid with urgency.

Tom sped up, slowed down, his cock visibly straining and bulging with hardness, his helmet bathed in moonlight, glistening with wetness as his hand slowly rose and fell along his shaft. His pecs jumped and his abs bunched as he stopped and started on his dick, edging his load right to the limit, until…

The first squirt leapt from his big rounded tip, barely visible to Jimmy at first but enough to instantly have his own cock spasming and spurting hot milky juice out into his bunched up boxers. For a second the sound of Tom’s cum splashing against his hard body could be heard, but Jimmy was instantly swallowed by the incredible wave of pleasure surging through his body as his own erection shot thick cream out.

A slight groan escaped Tom’s lips as his massive muscled chest heaved and his abdomen sunk down, another leaping splash of semen erupting out all over his naked body.

Jimmy echoed his climax almost spurt for spurt. He couldn’t see his own cum gushing out but the pleasure was so incredible and the force of his load leaving his cock was amazing, shot after shot, thick and warm, pumping powerful jets of ball juice over and over!

Tom had no idea he was being watched in such an intimate moment, just as he had no clue that his subtle groans could be heard as his semen splashed from his body to decorate his chest and abs. Jimmy could see it pooling, gathering his the ridges of his abs like rivers of milk reflecting the moonlight, streaming down Tom’s muscled side.

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As his cock jolted and spurted the last of his cream Jimmy knew he’s made a big mess. He knew his cum had pumped out all over his sheets and not just in his bunched up boxers. Everything was wet with cooling cum, the smell of their loads mixing in the air and making the room stink of sex.

His cock head brushed against the wet waistband of his shorts under his sheets and his sensitive helmet sent another shock of instant pleasure through his dick. He was almost aching with the intensity of his release, his balls still churning after so much effort.

His meat was damp as he softened slightly, his cock heavy and sticky. He knew he should probably go and clean up, but he was so satisfied and so happy to have finally cum like he used to, he just lay there wallowing in the mess he’d made as he watched his roommate.

Tom didn’t seem to notice any of it as he lay there for a few moments breathing heavy, his jizz decorating his defined body.

Jimmy didn’t move while he watched Tom wiping his body down with his own boxers, cleaning up as much of his semen as he could. There was plenty of it, Jimmy knew his shorts would probably be just as soggy as his now were.

After seeing Tom clean up and throw his shorts across the room, missing the laundry basket, Jimmy silently slid his own sopping wet underwear out from under his blanket and stashed them under his bed.

Finally, he was satisfied, but after seeing his roommate jerking off with such an incredible display he knew he wanted to see more.

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I'm a straight/curious bro-bater living in London England. I'm 36 and work in events management. I spend my free time swimming, running, playing tennis, hiking, camping and going to the gym. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman who understands my appreciation of masturbation and my encounters with other baters. I've always enjoyed writing and putting my fantasies and experiences down in words for other baters to enjoy and I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my work here.

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