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Caught by the Construction Worker

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Submitted by James

I’ve always been into showing off. I was always the first one butt naked in the locker room, usually swinging my dick around to make the other boys laugh.

I would also usually be the last one out. I loved the locked room. I could spend hours breathing in that musky, sweaty, gym scent and appreciating all the different body and cock shapes. That’s really where I first learned about the joys of penis play. But this story isn’t about my locker room adventures (that’s for another time). This one is about another moment of exhibition and connection.

Having grown up comfortable with my junk and in a family of all boys, I was used to being naked at home. I didn’t think anything of walking around in underwear or a towel. I never felt compelled to close my door or blinds when I changed. Heck if I was sweaty after a workout, I’d just walk naked to the bathroom. Pissed with the door open most times. Nobody ever really cared about it and on a few occasions it lead to some fun.

One summer, my apartment was getting new siding. My landlord told me the workers would be there all week and apologized for the noise. While it was very distracting, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. They had a team of three or four guys working on our house. It was a brutal week to be doing work outside, so pretty much every day ended with one or two of them shirtless. They were all in pretty good shape, and I won’t lie I enjoyed seeing them outside my windows.

On one particularly brutal, hot day, I had just finished a home workout and needed to bust a nut. I don’t know about other guys, but I always need to jack off after a good workout. My penis demands it. So I went to work! Just as I was getting close, one of the workers came over to my window and started raising a ladder right outside of it. I was too far gone though. Even though I could see the man climbing up I couldn’t hold it in, I shot a huge mess all over myself. While the worker didn’t stop to watch, I did make eye contact with him and knew he had seen what I was doing.

Later that day, when I was coming in from grabbing a coffee, I saw the same worker outside my front door. We started chatting, I commented on hot the day was, and he concurred. I offered him a glass of water which he accepted and then he asked if he could take a piss in my bathroom. This guy had to be in his late thirties. Had red hair, with just a touch of grey in his stubble. He was fairly beefy, with tattoos visible on his arms. He wore cutoff cargo shorts and a white t-shirt that was soaked with sweat and clinging to his body. I surely was not going to turn this man down, so I invited him in.

He immediately got his cock out and took a piss with the door open. I got a quick glimpse but didn’t want to linger, so I got him that glass of water. When he came into my kitchen he took the glass from my hand and sat down. To my surprise, he lifted his arms up and pulled off his sweaty t. “I’m drenched in sweat, I don’t want to get it all over your chair” – I wasn’t complaining.

We shot the shit for a few minutes as he finished his glass, and then he said he should probably get back to work. He pick up his wet shirt, but before he put it on he said “I saw you earlier. I wasn’t trying to, but your blinds were up”.

Not knowing what to say, I apologized, but he said it was nothing and that we all needed to good stroke every once and while. He just wanted to let me know that everyone could see, but added that he got it and was jealous.

He shared that on some work sites he would find an empty room or would go up to the roof and quickly shoot off a load during his shifts. He then lamented that the siding work we had him doing didnt offer any places to get that done. We had a good laugh and I half heartedly told him my couch was always available.

I was floored when he responded with “Yeah? You wouldn’t mind?” And just like that he started undoing his pants. Looking back I think that’s the whole reason he came in, he was secretly hoping he could join me in my afternoon bate session.

It didn’t take long for me to whip my cock out again, after all I did like to show off. After a minute or two of us on the couch jacking off he asked if we could compare. We stood up, faced each other, and held our dicks so that they were side by side. I have a cut 7inch dick. He was about the same size but a little thinner and had foreskin (which I loved).

The heads of our dicks pressed into each other’s bush, and the shafts were firmly resting side by side. He commented that I had a beautiful cock and started to frot us. He was leaking precum all over me and so I grabbed our cocks, guided his head to mine, and lubed mine up with his flowing juices.

We stood there rubbing our cocks together, getting them nice and slippery for probably another five or so minutes. He had his arm wrapped around my neck so that our heads were brought together, both looking down at our throbbing meat. With his other hand he was feeling my body – rubbing my arms, running his hands through my body hair, pinching my nipples.

I couldn’t take it anymore and immediately started shooting my second load of the day all over this man. This caused him to explode too and within seconds our cocks were covered in each other’s spunk.

The worker immediately pulled up his pants and started to get dressed. I was worried for a second because his demeanor changed the second he came. He barely said a word as he headed to the door. Just before leaving though he turned back around and said “I’ll be back tomorrow”.

The work he was doing finished up two days later, but that meant that we had two more days of fun. On the last day, he even brought another one of the workers in to join!

It’s times like these that I think – love your body, show it off, you never know who might be watching and who might be ready to play.

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3 years ago

great story. would love to hear about the time a buddy joined him

3 years ago

Construction guy or any kind of guy working always turn me on! I love beating my meat and playing with my balls so I really enjoyed the story! Wish I was there to watch the action!

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